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The Sherrif’s Tale

The Sheriff’s Tale

I’ve waited for this day my whole life. We went onto the yellow bus and said our final goodbye. Waiting, patiently, I wanted to calm my other friends: The milkman, the grave digger, the sheriff and a nurse- but i didn’t want to waste my energy. Exited, happy, scared, I knew what was going to happen because the coach told me. We are going to have a competition, who can tell the best story, and the prize was a brand new plasma 60″ television. What are the odds of THAT. Anyway, we drove off to Canterbury- hoping nothing wrong would happen. The coach was our judge and he decided that the sheriff would tell the first story. He started.

Along time ago, in the Victorian era, was a old happy family. The parents had two kids named, ” Adam and Jeff.” They both lived happy, but not for long. It was like a demon going into Jeff. He wasn’t doing good work at school and he wasn’t listening to his parents. Then, he wanted to have revenge on everyone he hated. After school, he would take them into a dark ally way and he would murder them. Then he did the same with the rest of the people he hated. But then a hero came into the city. “Who was the hero?” interrupted the nurse. “You’ll find out soon,” I replied to her.

Then the sheriff went to finish his story. The hero was a sheriff, braver than you think. He went out at night to put camera’s all around the school’s ally ways. Then he would camp out at 3:30- that’s the time school end- and he would catch him. But by the time Jeff reach home he had already murdered his mother, father and his brother, Adam. They were all accused of murdering another family. But the sheriff knew that was fake because they would never do such a thing. Anyway he went at 3:00 at the Wood Green station ally way. Then he spotted Jeff trying to murder another child. But suddenly, out of the blue, the bravest sheriff in the world came out of nowhere and arrested Jeff. But then, he didn’t just want to arrest him. He wanted to murder him. So he did with all his force, he punched him to death and hid his body somewhere, were no-one will ever see.

Then he wanted to take revenge on everyone he hated. What he did is that, he went to another country- to Britain- and that’s were he started his kill streak there. Then a policeman realised that people stared missing or killed, he knew that they were killed in the dark ally ways. So he camped there and what happened is that the sheriff was caught. Then he got arrest, but not killed.

Then the milkman said, “What is the moral of this story?” Then the sheriff replied, ” What goes around, comes around.” Then the coach said, “Who’s next?” Well, we knew who would go next. The milkman. But that is a story for next time.

“Get into your places.We are about to begin!”

My heart was pounding as Miss Hopkinson Gave out the test papers. “Get into your places. We are about to begin!” she demanded as she pointed at one of the chairs. “Begin your test!” she once again shouted. I stared at the paper- shivers crawled all over me. That time all I could think about was will working so hard night after night pay me off. One hour later. “Please stop children” said Miss Hopkinson, “The test is over.” As Miss collected the papers she said that everyone can go home. I reached home and I wet the bed to just think about if I done a great job or, did I get less than 30 and that will mean I will be excluded for one week. Then I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke and made breakfast for myself and I brushed my teeth. Then I headed school and I totally forgot about the test. But I said to myself that to get it right and to not get excluded I have to see for myself. I was really scared to see my results if there were more that 30. Everyone in the class were standing in a line to see their results. I saw some children crying and some children there were punching the air. But when it came to my turn this is what Miss said “I think we need a serious talk.” You will never believe what happened next.

100wc #week15

When you hear the Christmas carols; when you see a Christmas tree in the living room; when you hear laughing outside your house, then you know it’s Christmas day. As I rushed downstairs to see my present, I heard my mom say to me, ” Happy holidays and a Joyful celebration.” Scared, frightened, nervous, I knew something strange happened after my mum was reacting. I went downstairs to see what happened. But after I did, I nearly had a heart attack. I opened my red present and I saw something. But you wouldn’t believe what was in it? It was a ………….

week13 100wc

As I went through the scary, dark forest I saw birds singing and wolves howling. Wait a second. WOLVES! I ran like lightning to outrun the wolves but they were quicker than me. Running, crazily I outran them finally but as the leaves rustled it was quiet. Too quiet. Then i saw them. Suddenly they howled, to call backup, incase I escaped. Then I ran for my life because if I was going to just stand there Im going to die quickly. Crying, happily I entered my home and i tryed to forget about everything. But will this happen again tomorrow?

200 Words

Joe , Adam and I , went through the creepy dark forest. Scared, frightened, terrified, we kept on going on the old stone path. We all knew we’re going to be into trouble but we pretended we weren’t. We saw trees with branches looking like fingers trying to grab us. Then we saw it. There was a massive mansion with bats flying everywhere and cobwebs with spiders on them. Me and my friends dared each other to go in. So we did.
When we entered, it was pretty dark but luckily we brought torches with us. The mansion was pretty big so we all split up. We all decided that Joe goes to up the stairs and to the right. So that means Adam had to go on the other side of Joe. So I explored the bottom. And so, I searched the bottom but it was quiet. Too quiet.
2 hours later. We searched every single bit of the mansion but still, nothing. But suddenly we saw weird creatures jumping on the floor. There was a captain and two servants. As it shivered, they felt the anger in the captain’s breath. They challenged us for a football game. And you wouldn’t believe who won the match.

100wc #week11

The war started. My training was excellent my general said. I grabbed my rifle and started hunting down my enemy’s. Running quickly, I raced through my enemy’s to find my trench. Suddenly I felt a shiver on my neck. I could remember my mother saying, “Be careful, I love you.” Suddenly I rapidly ran through the battle field shooting my opponents. The tears fell from my cheek onto the battle field and suddenly there was dead silence. We started putting our guns down on the floor. They said we all can return home. It might have just been the beginning?