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100WC WEEK 13

I exit the house where there was ghostly images stared into my eyes.I went out into the woods where no-one ever dared to go.I always hear this saying that.When you see the the mist rising to your head;when you feel the shiver that goes from head to toe;when you hear the screams of silence,then you know the creautures are coming for you.I saw trees with there claws trying to reach me,wolves howling,ants screeching,It was looking like I wasn’t going to stay long but as the leaves rustled I began to ran like a rat but i fell half way to my house and there he was.

100wc #week12

A dog darker then the night it’s self with a tail as sharp as a sword.” Well well.Now i guess that you are not the last animal alive” Noth asked. “No there are more out there. I came here so I can be a part of your army” The dog replied.”Oh is that so. Well we would need to train you and ask  you some questions like this one.Is there more animals that want to join this army” Noth exlamained.”No.They are making an army.They plan to strike on november the 29. But we have alot of time to practice.The dog replied. As Noth heard he showed the dog around.But the dog was a spy.

100WC #WEEK10

As Ryan,Lewis,James and me went inside my house we looked for weapons to defend us from the creature -The Iron golem. We found sticks,rocks and even pieces of rubble. It was looking like a violent night.”Lewis are you sure about this ?” James asked confusingly. “Ofcourse Iam sure” Lewis replied rapidly. As all of us went into the gloomy dark corridor they heard a huge noise which sounded like a dog and a wolf howling in their last hours. We opened the door not even knowing that he would be there. The iron golem. “AAAHHHHH” We all screamed. We threw all are weapons to him then and as it shivered they ran like animals. But I didn’t.

100WC #WEEK8

As I entered the scary,horrific house I was horrified,terrified,scared. It looked liked an old musty, rotten house with rattling rats tattering  and dancing in the dark. I went through the dark sinister corridor and saw loads of pictures of men from the victorian times. It was freaking me out! I went upstairs but saw more pictures of old men “This looked like a good time to go” My mind said but it was just corrupting me.I heard a smooth melody  but slowly went into a horrible song.I ran downstairs into the woods with with wild animals.And there he was.He was running like a furious cheetah.


We may want to be someone or something when we grow up but some people don’t know that if you don’t put effort in what you want to achieve you wont get to be that someone.

100WC#Week 7

It was morning I went out into the wild with my friend Kacper. We were feeling brave because it wasn’t night however we did hear some stories about this deadly forest. In fact we heard a saying it is “If you come in you will never come out “But we went in. As we went in, we smelled some horrible soup. It smelled like vomit and vegetables put together. I COULD NOT BELIVE THE SMELL. We slowly walked to a hut where the smell was coming from, and the smell got worse and worse. We went into the hut I was scared and it just hit sunset!