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the night

It was night. The lights were shining brightly but it was still very dark. It was the darkest night I had ever seen. I was heading home all by myself. I didn’t have a friend to walk with me. I was lonely. Very lonely! There were no cars around me to make it lighter. I wish I had a torch with me. I could already see my house. Not much longer! Quickly I rushed to my humble home. NOT MUCH LONGER! I had to keep up. To my surprise it took much longer than I thought. What had happened? What had happened…

Christmas celebration

My teacher’s words were “Happy Holidays!” And do you know what I was thinking about? A Christmas celebration! What would Christmas be like without one? It took weeks to prepare: the decorations, food, presents (I had no idea what they were) and most the invitations! They took hours to make. My whole class were invited. After those hard days the fun began. I was excited but nervous because I wanted it to be brilliant. It was time to open the presents. Mine was flat. Wrapped in red paper. It was strange. I opened it and it was paper with ‘Merry Xmas’ all over it! I got the worst present there!

The Lord of Nulth

He was shocked to find that there was nothing in the sack. He put his metal hand in and he felt nothing. He glared at the robotic minions. Dropping the sack he shouted, ”You fools! Where is the animal or whatever was in there!” ”We know it was there before. More specifically a tiger. Maybe a human.” a minion exclaimed. The Lord of Nulth was devastated. ” How could a tiger or human… especially human get out?!” asked the Lord of Nulth. Nobody said anything. They were thinking about the question. The Lord of Nulth didn’t care anymore. Now he needed his victims.


Death and horror was all that happened. It all started when one person got killed. Then other countries helped to fight in battle. Lots of young people died. People at home were informed that their love ones died and were not coming home. Finally at the 11th our of the 11th day of the 11th month the war ended. The surviving soldiers and families tried to rebuild their lives. Now we can remember those who have died. Which is why the Tower of London was surrounded with bloody, red poppies. Each one representing one of the fallen soldiers. We remember them.

Graveyard chaos

It was Halloween. Every time on that day I go to the graveyard so that I can pray for all the poor souls that died. I always wondered if I will see a phantom coming from a grave. Well that day I got an answer…

This Halloween I done what I always did. Although I came late, that didn’t stop me from having a close look around the graveyard. Finally when I got to my granddads grave I could pray to him. Suddenly a strange thing happened. When I looked around I saw a shadow. But the shadow wasn’t on the ground. It was standing like a real human. It couldn’t be  a child because children are not transparent. Also they don’t disappear and appear every two minutes leaving no trace behind them. I started running to the exit but it was already standing in front of me. I couldn’t see its face though because it was facing its back on me. He turned towards me and smiled. He was an old man. He was sixty-seven years old. I stared at him and realised that it was my   granddad. I really saw his soul.