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The Books chapter 2

After 6 months I finally had the courage to open it. Dust started to sit on it and I wiped it with a damp cloth (mostly because I am allergic to dust). I opened it on the first page and the letters were small- like in a chapter book. Maybe smaller. I felt disappointed because in a strange way I thought it was going to be in a different language. Slowly, I threw it into the corner with a thud- it was very heavy. After a while my mum screamed at me to tidy my room since it got messy again. I had half an hour. However instead of that time, it took me two hours. I wasn’t surprised when I was grounded for four days.

The next day I woke up half an hour late (probably because I stayed up late). I was also late for school. That was a problem. Even my work was horrible- messy, wrong and it didn’t make sense. I needed to restart it all. After school I got lost and was late for dinner. Once I was back in my room I couldn’t stop thinking why my luck was so bad. At that time I still didn’t think it was that book. If only I read it.

I don’t know what happened next- I must have fallen asleep. So I missed my favourite TV show. Let me make it short for you. This is the bad luck I had in the rest of the day: my phone broke, my pens ran out and I couldn’t do my homework, there was a giant rip in my school jumper (I don’t know how that happened), I nearly broke arm while falling off the stairs, the power went off even though that was also the whole street’s bad luck and the last thing that I am going to say is that my whole shelf broke and all my books fell on the floor including some more things like my cup which shattered! My whole hand was bleeding. But there were  more problems. That was the ‘best’ day ever!

Treasure or failure

Four months ago the ‘best’ thing happened. My friends called and said that they found a map. We all thought that we can be beautifully rich! So then we went. We strolled down the street looking at the map all the time(Chloe bumped her head on a pole). Confused, astonished, baffled, we stood in front of our local park. We noticed a red x on the soil. We walked up.  ” Well, X marks the spot I guess!” Chloe muttered.  We dug around for a bit and saw a small box. We opened it and you will never guess what was in it. Absolutely nothing. Well that was an hour wasted.


Linda and Harry finally could go out of London.  It was the holidays. The time where they could hang around lots of different places with their dog, Lucy. This time they went to Cardiff Bay in Wales. Linda sat on the pole that stops people from falling into the water. Harry leaned against it and Lucy sat next to them. ” I wish it was like this forever. That we didn’t ever have to go to work.” she exclaimed. Then she pointed forward. ” Look at that boat! I think we should go on it.”

“That is a great idea!” he answered and they ran off.


I know this sounds strange but aliens can be real. I think I saw a UFO. This is what happened. I was in the park playing tennis with my friend. It was a wonderful day and I was having a great time. Suddenly darkness came over the court. At first I thought it was a cloud. But then I looked up. “Hey look up. Can you see that?” I shouted at her. She simply nodded. Light was suddenly bursting out. We knew it went. Quickly we packed our stuff and ran home. I never spoke about it to anyone. Until this day. Will it come back?

My new disaster

A week ago was the best day of my life. I got a black horse. I loved it so much. But then I realised that it was a big problem. The day I got it was a disaster. I was riding it around my field. I realised that he needed a rest so we went next to the pipe. I heard the water gushing down. After five minutes we went again. He was extra fast. Suddenly he saw a bunch of green grass that looked like a snake. He stopped. I flew into a pond. Carefully I swam to the grass. It wasn’t the best day of my life.

Big mistake

“Where can I go?”  Susan asked herself, “where should I ruin a job?” she walked around the street looking for a door that would invite her in. She couldn’t find a good job to sabotage. Finally she found a door. She found her prey.  ” Nothing is better than carving some ice.” she smiled and walked in.

Rudely she walked to the boss. “I heard that I will work here.” she stated but she never heard anything like that.  ” Oh yeah, sure you can work here.” the boss agreed. A teenager looked up from his work. He ran over to his boss. “Can we talk for a minute.”  he asked.

” Yes Jo.” the boss walked into a corner and Jo followed.

“We don’t need another person. Especially a girl.” Jo said surprisingly.

“The more people we have the more sculptures we will make.” convinced the boss.

” I don’t know. The way she walked in didn’t convince me. But lets give her some chances.” Jo said sighing. They both went  to Susan and allowed her to stay. She smiled. He saw something in her smile-something that made him shiver slightly.

The next day she crashed ten ice sculptures. She pretended that she did it by accident but Jo knew it wasn’t. She kept on dropping ice cubes and when nobody was around she burned them. It carried on for a long time. Ice sculptures were not being made.

Finally she was fired. Jo was right. She was evil. The boss made a big mistake.



The Books chapter one

Lately I got a very old book from my  gran. I never it opened because it looked so peculiar. Unfortunately, I kept on getting a urge to open it. Then I did. Nothing happened at the time. So I closed  it and never read a word. However since that day I had very bad luck. Nothing good ever happened to me. Nothing. So this is how my ‘worst rest of my life’ started.

I was casually sitting in my room watching television. Suddenly I heard the door bell ring. I knew we were not expecting guests. Besides, my room was a mess and I couldn’t let anyone in. My mum called me to open the door so even though I didn’t want to , I had to. Once the door was open a I heard a familiar voice. ” Hello darling.” she said.  Now who would have said those words other than my good, old granny?

“ Now, I wont come in but I will give you this. It is a book that had been passed on for many generations.” she said.

” Then why doesn’t mum have it?” I asked looking at the mysterious book.

“She didn’t want it.” she answered and walked away.

Once I got into my already messy room, I threw it in the corner. That was its place and I never moved it. Until that day.


Bored, spiritless, unsatisfied, Anne and Jade sat on their enormous sofa. Just because they are wealthy did not mean they had a lot to do. After hours of doing nothing they decided to go outside. Suddenly standing in front of them was a huge, mansion. The strange thing was that  it wasn’t there before. But of course that had to go in since it was the only thing to do.  The door creaked wide open. They walked and as they turned the corner they realised someone in a chair. The lady stood up and walked slowly to them. What will she do?

It was made of stone and now so is my heart

It was made of stone and now so is my heart.  Shocked, surprised, frozen, I stared at a stone piece of furniture. All made of stone. I realised a very dark grey (not completely black)  cat on the settee. It also was made out stone and matched the settee in colour. It looked old but maybe it was because it was stone. After every second I became hypnotised by it. Soon I sat on it and new that it was magic. Bad magic. Evil magic. Hypnotising magic. Changing hearts magic. It was made of stone and now so is my heart.

the light outside

It was really cloudy outside. It looked as if it was going to rain and not a gleam of light looked down. Despite all the dim, ghastly clouds, I came out. I didn’t care about the rain and it never frightened me. Actually I loved it. I liked it wet. I enjoyed splashing in all the puddles and getting myself soaked. I don’t know why! I was then running like mad. Suddenly, I bumped into a wall. The world spun around me as I slowly passed out. Finally I woke up. The earth was sunny and the light was SO bright. I heard words but can’t remember what they were. Despite all this I knew it was God.