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The magic door

“Pass the ball Zach .” Amy said radiantly. Zach  passed the ball. Amy shot, and it went to the moon and back, but it landed on the other side of the bruised, smashed wall in the abandoned house, where merciless  sounds are often heard. Despite the fact the ball was in the scary house, Zach fearlessly leaped over the wall. To save his adored football  from the house. Forgetting his ball, Zach peered through the window and saw a magic door. The light was so bright.Reluctantly, Zach strutted towards the door and what he saw was ghastly. Amy courageously followed Zach.

A Chistmas story

Liam was a young boy that lived with his mum in a little house in the middle of nowhere. On the day before Christmas eve his eyes were shining with excitement, he asked his mum: “Mum have I been a good boy this year?” “Of course you have dear. You’re a very obident, well behaved young boy.

Then Liam snatched a sheet of paper from the table and ran into his untidy, cramped room. Liam dived under the duvet of his bed and wrote:

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would adore to receive a super bike 2000 so I can go to the village to make some freinds to play with.

Thank you for reading.

Love from Liam   Bye Santa.

That was the last thing he said as he went of to bed. But before dozing off he wondered what he could get from Santa this year. Then Liam sweetly fell asleep dreaming of an ancient man with a snow white beard, a huge sack full of presents and a sliegh that was as fast as the wind.

The next day, Liam had to wake up and help his mum do the cleaning. It felt like half an hour but the day had flew past and it was supper time already. Immediatly, Liam looked at the time: 8:30pm. He grabbed his coat and started his way to the letter box. When Liam got there, it was 9:00pm. Liam reached into his jacket pocket for Santas letter only to find nothing. Then he remembered it was at home on the counter.

Liam started to panic, thinking of what to do. But Liam heared : sliegh bells ringing; reindeers breathing heavily;a Ho Ho Ho from the big fat man.”Santa”bellowed Liam as he approached him. Santa offered Liam a lift and of course he got on Santas sliegh. During the way home, Liam told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and Santa had it for him. As quick as a flash, they were at Liam’s house and Liam wished Santa a fair well.Liam went to bed knowing what he had got for Christmas well from Santa anyway.

Life long mate

It was a regular day in the life of me Liam Bucher the old man full of story’s, adventure’s and thing’s you would not belive. I was on my way to the brightly lit shop.Then I stopped in my tracks Alfie, my life long mate. When I saw him it triggered a memory, a memory I have never told anyone. It reminded me of a ship that crashed into sevaral rocks because the lighthouse wasn’t activated. Well the past is the past. I need to catch up with Alfie. To ask him what happend next because my brain went along time ago!

The Swamp horse


Everything was fine and I was on my way, until there it was the merciless Green Swamp Horse, wolfing the sewage water from the pipe down its boneless throat. Carefully, I got to my feet not knowing what the horse could or would do to me. Before the Swamp Horse could run after me I swam across the murky water to the bank on the other side. As quick as a flash, I was across the river but the Swamp Horse was quick on my heels. I tried to out run the horse but it is almost impossible. Then I saw a hole, I hid. Until.

At the top

Dear diary,

Today we are going to see a statue, of a couch. It’s at the top of a hill called brake bone top. You can probably guess why it’s called that, because if you slip you will Brake Bones and merciless scream are often heard. It’s going to be boring!  It takes three hours to smell the refreshing air at the top of the hill where the majestic statue stands in pride. In time, my mum and I left my house to reach the top of the hill. Eventually, we made it to the top but the statue was gone. Then I saw.

best runnings

Strutting majesticly, Max  was walking towards the starting line hoping to come first place. There the crowd sat: at the edge of their seats; biting their nails in anticipation; sitting silently and holding their breath. “GO GO GO GO!” As he started they all went crazy with excitment. Racing furiously, Max was in last place to 5th then 4th to 2nd. Maxes heart was an angry animal in a inclosed cage trying to escape! Before you knew it, the 100metere race was over and feeling downhearted Max thought he had finished 2nd. The judge called for a photo finish and Max had won.

The Celebration box

When my gran comes to stay; when the calenders are turned to April; when the cheerful sound of Easter is here, then you know there will be melt in the mouth chocolate. It all started on Easter Sunday last year. I opened the Celebration box and I spotted a red, strange creature. I was so nervous beyond words as to what it was. I ever so cautiously turned it over hoping it wouldn’t eat me! Worried, panicked, shocked, it glared me in the eye and I glared back. Then I screamed for my dad as the creature was slowly crawling towards me.

100wc Nulth

Scared, bewildered, panicked, whatever was inside of the bag was screaming. Nulth daringly opened the worn-out haggard bag pierced with holes from where the creature was struggling. Inside was a little harmless mouse at first. When angered it changes into a indestructible dragon. With out thinking, Nulth took “the mouse” to the robot machine to turn the mouse into a robot. Nulth strapped the mouse’s small arms and legs into the machine all he had to do was pull a leaver to start the transformation! In a split second, the mouse did transform but, not into a robot, it turned into a dragon!

100wc week 11

I’ve spent days in the tight and cramped trenchs with people as young as 14 years old! Out of boredness I decided to write this short catchy poem expressing my feelings and saying how much I want to see you. When I was trying to tackle writing this I had a tear in my eye and it may make you cry.

Our noses are red,

and we are feeling blue,

I wish I never left

so I can be with you

I will remember

and I hope you will to.

Keep your chin up P.S another letter is in the attic.

The Old Abandoned Zoo

I was on my way home from the state of the art park with my friends. One of them said “let’s go through the old abandoned zoo!” All of my friends ran straight in and because I was the oldest I had to reluctantly follow. Firstly, we went into the reptile house, there was smashed glass, weeds everywhere and animal dung. All of my friends ran off ahead. Out of nowhere a strange black figure approached my friends. As it shivered, they ran towards me not daring to look back. We were being chased by the creature. I was so scared!!!