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I met Melissa by the pond. As usual, she had Jeff (her dog) by her side. “Shall we go now?” I asked. She nodded and we went off, being swallowed by the darkness of night. When they got to the new funfair, they saw their friend, Willow. They decided to go on the roller-coaster- the best in the world. Well not for Willow, as her face turned green! After hours of endless fun they were exhausted. A man came up to them: “Would you like to try out the new roller-coaster?” They looked at each other. Uh oh.


Carefully, I gaped at him suspiciously as he got on his horse, not sure if to take his hand witch he held out. “Come,” the old man groaned, “before I change my mind!” I got on the horse and we rode of. Weirdly. I couldn’t stop staring at the man’s green eye! At least he helped me escape from the forest when I got lost. As we got to the water, the horse swam across and we got to a little wood hut. We got of a horse and then it happened. He laughed and said, “Everyone falls for it!” He took a pipe and demolished me.


As I looked out of the planes window, I saw the whole engine, burning down like a huge brown bear defending itself against fierce predators. I could see dad and mum, getting ready for impact. As everybody screamed I calmly took of my seatbelt and hid under the chair. When I go to scout training, they say it’s the best way to survive. I new I could save someone’s life if I survived. I felt shattered when we reached impact. My head whipped back and I think I broke my leg. (In hindsight I should’ve put on my seatbelt) Luckily firemen came and became our angels of life.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter 3


The little girl screamed with joy as she played in her sand dune. She was the happiest girl that lived, with parents that cared and loved her. But then she heard mysterious rustling in the leaves. What was that noise? As you could imagine, she was a little girl so she got paralyzed with fear. As quick as a lightning bolt, she felt a hand firmly cover her mouth, so she heard a muffled scream. She got silently kidnapped! All that remains is old,broken sandcastles.

Sherlock exited the bar and grinned. Jane (a girl he had always had a crush on) just gave him a kiss on the cheek! Sherlock felt his heart pounding like crazy. Anyway he had to get that out of his mind and concentrate on the new case about the kidnapped girl. After he got he report file, he recognized the girl. It was the daughter of Sherlock’s parents old friend. He knew that he had to solve the case, but the question was how? After a couple of minutes of extreme thinking he got it! Sherlock could watch a video of the security camera to see who it was. Sherlock showed the video to the police and it was all over for the kidnapper. But would you believe it? The kidnapper was Jane!


Frustration. That’s what I felt all my life. Frustration . I hate that word. Let me tell you how it started: “DAD NO!!!” I screamed as a crazy driver hit dad at 60 km an hour. It was all blurry to me, the car hitting dad, the ambulance coming and mum crying. I couldn’t believe it when the doctor came to tell us: “I’m sorry,” he sighed, “we couldn’t save him!”

Luckily we got over the pain quickly because we knew they couldn’t save him. Of course we felt that our lives were shattered. Life without dad wasn’t life. He was an amazing father and husband. I thought that that my life couldn’t get any worse. Boy was I wrong. The next day on the way to school I saw the house of old McAfee. The house always gave me shivers. I was petrified when an old creaky voice started to say “Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy  come inside the house. Joeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Weirdly I started to walk towards it. It was almost like I didn’t have control over my body. Inside the house the same old voice said: “Joey you will go to sleep and wake up in 5 minutes at the top floor of the house. Your challenge is to get out of the house ALIVE. If you succeed, I will bring your dad back to life, but if you don’t, you will DIE” That’s when I blacked out.

After I woke up I started to walk straight away. I wanted to get out of here alive. Petrified I even started to run in dark, gloomy corridors. This house was creepier than I thought. The word ALIVE was still bobbling up and down my head so much, it hurt. When I got to the stairs, I gave a little cheer. But I should have known that it wouldn’t be that easy. A huge ghost blocked my path!

I hid behind the wall and looked at my enemy. He might seem scary but he sure is careless. As soon as he turned around, I just sneaked past him and managed to get outside. Freedom. As I was walking home a hand grabbed my hand. “Hi dad,” I retorted.


Joe’s sweet shop is the best in town. Wonderful sweets that melt in your mouth. It’s even better than Willy Wonka’s factory. One day I came and took my favorite sweet. But when I ate it tasted disgustingly sour. But it said sweet on the wrapper! I decided to go back tomorrow and see whats going on. The next day I came and entered the sweet shop Joe (the shop keeper) told me everything. Due to a virus, the shop will be permanently closed. I run outside and cried. Then something amazing happened. The shop disappeared and turned into sweets.

Should we tidy up our house?

Recently, there has been a discussion if we should tidy our houses. Some people think that we should because it gives us great exercise and keeps us healthy. But other people think that it’s not such a good idea. People still can’t stop arguing about this great matter.

Usually people say that tidying your house is an excellent idea. The first reason is that it gives you great exercise. People who like staying indoor and don’t like going outside can stay healthy by staying indoors and tidying the house a bit. It’s just like going to the park for a little jog but indoors! Another more important reason is that tidying prevents lots of diseases. Do you want to live to a very old age? Then tidying your house is a priority.  It even prevents diseases which can kill you. Lastly, tidying up just makes your house look better. Your home will be a much more inviting place for guests.

On the other hand, some people think that tidying up is not such a good idea. The first reason why is that it wastes time. You could be doing something like learning or spending time with your friends than tidying up. While your tidying up an important thing may be going on, and you’ll miss it. Also, tidying up makes you forget things because you concentrate on one thing and forget something, like your parents birthday. The most important reason is that tidying up is very dangerous. If you are climbing up a ladder to hoover something, you might fall down and you may impact your health.

Having considered both sides of the story, I have decided that you shouldn’t tidy up. Keeping yourself safe is more important than keeping the house tidy. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be robots which will do the tidying up for us?


I was walking home with Tim, after a long, hard day at school. Suddenly out of nowhere, a light appeared. The light was SO bright.  It got brighter and brighter until BAM! It disappeared. It took my eyes a while to adjust, but after they did I saw a sleek, black creature with bright red eyes. There was only one way out of this situation: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Oh boy and did I run. Faster than the wind! Unfortunately, he was faster so he caught up with me. I took a closer look at his face. It was mum in her favourite black dress!


Here we go. Let, what will be my ultimate adventure, begin! I got absolutely flabbergasted after I saw the mountain. And I thought it’ll be easy. I started to trod in the mud thinking it would be impossible. But then I had a flashback. The last mountain was higher and I literally was about to go back when I thought ‘no mountain is to hard for me!’ I went up and up. The murderous mountain glared at me with red beady eyes but I didn’t care. After what seemed like hours, I reached the top!

Sherlock Homes Chapter 2


The museum was deadly silent, just like everything was at the witching hour when he striked. Out of nowhere the guard heard footsteps behind him so he spun around and there he was. Immediately the guard was struck down with one painful punch. The thief looked around and found what he was looking for. Satisfied, he took it and left silently, just like he entered.

Max started to howl with pain as Sherlock played the most ridiculous, painful music that even seemed offending to the world of music. “Well at least try no to tell me how bad my music is,” argued Sherlock.”How can I be your music teacher if the music you play hurts my ears!” Sherlock was so shocked that he went outside to cool down. His heart has been pierced by Max. Well, maybe Max was right. Maybe Sherlock just was rubbish at playing. Anyway, the thing Sherlock was good at is solving cases and he just heard about the theft of the missing alien skull. The alien skull is the most precious thing on earth. It was said that the alien skull was found by astronauts on mars and is the skull of an alien. Sherlock would go there at night and get the robber. There was Sherlock at night, in the darkness of the museum. But he was right the robber came. “I knew you’ll be here boy.” Without more words they started fighting, each had the equal amount of skill. But then something amazing happened. The skull fell out of his bag and tripped him over. It was over for the robber.