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Carefully, I got on to the horse hoping I could escape. It was him. The green man! It all started 2 months ago. Suddenly, he came up to me and said play cards with me. I won the first round and asked for a house. Out of no where , a house appeared ! Unluckily, he won and said that I had to be his servant for 50 years!  Rapidly , I went into  a lake hoping I was safe. Surging swiftly, he swam towards me. I grabbed a thick, metal pipe then legged it. Out of no where a hand grabbed me and pulled me back like a magnet!

100wc week 14

When the dead corpses are scattered every where on the wet, cold battlefield; when the bullets dominate the misty air; when the collapsing walls crumble, then the war is about to end. I was nervous because I was the only surviver in my army. Suddenly, I peppered bullets in the enemies chest. Soon after, ruby red blood oozed out of his body. We had a grand celebration and my General gave me a strange box and told me to open it. As I opened the box I saw a bravery badge which I have longed for many years. I was overjoyed.



Terrified, horrified, frightened, I shrouded myself in the corner of the trapped ship trying to hide from the beasts. Seconds later, the extremely hairy beast leapt out and grabbed me. Out of nowhere the leader of the monsters emerged out of the dusty wooden floor. Quickly and steadily I escaped the beast like a slippery fish. I looked out and could see my friends stuck on an opposite wrecked ship. Tentatively, I made way past through velvet like sand. Suddenly, I fell into a trap and found out that on purpose they let me run away. What will happen next?

The labrinth

As I got closer to the end I heard the screams of the dead.I nervously clutched my slippery hand on the rusty metal railings.AAAAHHH!!!!! I had saw a wandering soul hovering above me.The soul had penetrated through me and started to control me.It was owning me.Slowly and steadily, I walked through the walls.There it was. The most luxury hotel in the ‘whole world’.Crawling swiftly, I climbed up the 5000 feet block. The immortal evil soul had snuck out of me as a thief and left to go outside to finish his undealed problem with his killer.



The wind howled ferociously , and I set off in the depts of the woods. As I went deeper in the woods I heard screams of babies. Terrified, horrified, frightened, I felt a arm touching my sweaty shoulder,there it was. I never dared to look behind but I wanted to find out who the creature was. Shacking uncontrollably, I turned around and slender man had come. I looked at his face and instantly died .
Oh my gosh it was only one lame dream, the whole night I just couldn’t go to sleep. The next morning a magnet force dragged me to the woods?

The 100wc

Scared, terrified, frightened, i went downstairs not knowing what danger had come. I whipped the door open and ran out the door. Running rapidly, I saw a figure in the distance and went to investigate. The trees towered over me and the wind howled like wolves. Suddenly, a hand reached out at me and dragged me to a nearby cottage.I shrouded myself in the corner but it just didn’t work.

I stepped on the creatures foot and ran home.I tucked myself in bed and saw a hand on my back. Running as a tornado I leapt on my parents bed and went to sleep.

The strange dream


Slowly and steadily,I crept downstairs wanting no one to see me.I was trying to compose myself, after what I saw? knock,knock,knock someone or something had knocked at the front door.At this moment I was shrouded in a blanket of fear.I hooked my hand on the door handle ,I nervously pulled the door open and there it was. The vision I had saw had finally came true ,the devil had appeared. Terrified,frightened,scared,he dragged me to hell. “Why do I have to suffer?”I said cowardly! Meanwhile I was dripping sweat.He jumped into me and controlled me.”AAAHH!” Oh it was only a dream but something weird had happened.I went downstairs and opened the door and the vision I saw in my dream had came true?