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100 Word Challenge #Week 10

It was dark. They stood in the creepy haunted house. Worried, scared, frightened, they past along the red silky carpet. Walking nervously, John and Jack were horrified at what they were seeing. Could they survive this horrific night?

A few hours earlier, John and Jack were out for a walk. Suddenly,the two  boys  got trapped in this dark, lonely, petrifying haunted house.

Walking unhurriedly, they saw something they have never seen before. Horrified, petrified, shocked, a daunting ghost stared them. As it shivered, they ran like fast altheltes as fast as they could. Will they survive? The two boys were back.

100 Word Challenge #Week 8

There I stood. It was a dark gloomy night. Scared, frightened, worried, I walked along the side walk. I was horrified as I heard the howling wolves. In my mist, I saw a ghost statue. Suddenly, it came to life! Petrified, horrified, frightened, I stared at the ghost. The daunting creature was ready to kill. As soon as it moved, I sped off as a quickly as I can. The ghost was determined to get me. Will I survive? My heart was pounding like a wrecking ball through this big massive forest. Running crazily, I yelled for help. No one heard?


You Hear A Noise Somewhere

It was a gloomy dark night, I was working with the stress on my back. Tired, exhausted, stressed, I plodded like a tortoise up to my frosty room. As  I went to bed,  I heard a belching squeaking  noise, but I did not know what it was.

I was a scared frightened mouse creeping slowly down the stairs.  Scared, frightened, horrified,  I heard the noise again, so I got the key for the attic and went upstairs. Climbing nervously, I  opened the attic, which was locked for years, but all I saw was a mouse who ate too much cheese and was burping. I was a foolish clown thinking it was a monster. I took him out of the house and went to bed happily. Even though it was a mouse, in my heart  there was a sense of darkness., What will happen

100 Word Challenge #Week 7

It was noon. I sat in my room doing my homework. Writing slowly, I gazed at the ceiling. I was a bored boy. Why do I have to do 100 pages of homework? Suddenly, I could smell something? What was it? Baffled, confused, Zonked, I walked towards the door and out of the house. Walking strangely I saw something. I couldn’t believe the smell. It was dog poo.I ran upstairs to my room. All of sudden, I could smell it again. I knew what it was so I got the bag and went outside. Shocked, overwhelmed, amazed, I started scooping up.