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100 WC #Week 25

It was a hot scorching day in the Wild West. Probably the hotest day in the year so far. There was not a single shade in sight, so my trusty  horse and I went to find an Oasis. As we were about to set off, Avril (my horse) sped off like a lightning blot. He went so fast that you can see silver sparks on his hooves. After 2 hours of looking, we finally found an Oasis. As soon as I saw it, I swam in. Suddenly, I saw a green  ugly beast. . Carefully, I picked up a green pipe and smashed it on the beast.

100 WC #Week 17

It was dark. I was all alone and abandoned. Sorrowfully, I wept on the rugged ruffled grass. I have to get out of this solitary forest. I thought to myself. What should I do? Then, I came up with a clever idea. I could find a shortcut! As I was running forward, I saw an luminous light. The light, was SO bright. At that moment, I knew everything will be alright. Soon after, I was on my feet again. Rapidly, I ran like the wind. I got faster and faster. As reached the door, there it was-my fluffy cute rabbit.

100 WC #Week 23

There it was. The wasted sofa ditched in the middle of nowhere. As I turned around, I jumped in fear. Crazily, I had weird thoughts that the sofa could. Thinking it could not fly, I foolishly sat down on venerable sofa. Suddenly, the sofa came turned into  lucid rich roller coaster. Amazed, shocked, surprised, I began to vomit. I don’t  on roller coasters.  Suddenly, I was dumped into a grave yard. Bodies were strewn and scattered everywhere. I should have trust my thoughts. Before I could  think, I ran back to sofa and went back home. I was saved finally.

Passover Challenge Task 1

During Passover, Jews remember the story of when the Israslittes were slaves in Eygpt. This celebration of Passover lasts for seven days.     Days 1 and 7 are full rest days. Other days are intermediate holidays. However, Jewish people celebrate it for eight days. The first and last two days are days of full rest.

100 WC # Week16

Shaking nervously, Thomas walked to the podium. As he stepped up, the older boys belted out with laughter.Those boys always teased Thomas and wanted to do the same in his speech. “Thomas is a loser!!” bellowed Jamie. Thomas was ready. As he started, the older boys were dumbfounded. They never knew he could do such.  Jamie was absolutely speechless. Micheal, who was part of the group, felt like a criminal. At the end, The group of boys felt sorry for teasing Thomas. Soon after, Jamie and the boys apologized to Thomas and they never teased him again. They also learned a very important lesson.

100 WC #Week 15

I woke up. It was Christmas day. I departed like a cheetah downstairs to the living room. The tingling feeling in my spine punctured the silence and in the room as people plucked out their presents from our tree. Wrapping paper peppered the ceiling. As I ripped it my present open I was staggered. It was the cool red action figure I asked for. Jumping with joy, I showed my broad smile. I heard a strange knock at the door. I realised I had to host the guests for the celebration. Nervous, I step forward and shakily opened the door.

100 WC #Week 14

I stood there. Tragic tears fell from my pessimistic face as I stared at the abandoned, demolished, boat. For that boat, was the boat that separated my family. It was  like the waves of the sea separating  me and my family. I remembered that day. 1st July 2013 at 7:30pm. My family were on a cruise for the summer. Suddenly, when we least expected it, a prodigious hurricane came washing over us like soap. The next day at shore, all I could see was the dead bodies of my family. The memory of anguish came flooding back to my mind.

100 WC #Week 13

The sun shone effulgently in the forest. It was a blissful treasure. Jack, who was in a truculent mood, came plodding along with a murky miserable face. The gloomy mood on Jack’s ashy face reflected on the luminosity of the forest. Suddenly, the dazzling, blazing, sun became gloomy grey. When you know the sky is grey; when the sky is dusky; when the forest has lost it’s vivid colours, then you know something is wrong. Jack plodded along but as the leaves rustled, Jack realised the forest was dark because he was grumpy. As soon he smiled, the forest came to life.

100 WC Week#12

He was shocked to find that there were two rabbits in the sack. Amazed, shocked, surprised, the Lord of Nulth gawked at the two vexatious bunnies shouting indignantly, the Lord of Nulth asked, “Why are these ludicrous animals here?” Suddenly, the robots went spurting to their Lord. “Chuck out these creatures!” The Lord of Nulth declared indignantly. As the robots were about to throw the rabbits into the blackish dungeon, (which was actually  a cage) The biggest bunnies in the world somehow brought the light of heaven to earth. Soon after, the Evil man was stabbed by imagination. He died and imagination won!

100 Word Challenge #Week 11

There it was. The staggering field of red blood. All of the fresh flowers on the field. Amazed, overwhelmed, shocked, I gaped at the pulchritudinous poppies. I wanted to remember all those who died in WW1.As I looked at the poppies, a river of tears fell from my watery eyes. Suddenly, a saw something. One of the poppies started to grow and before I knew it, it was as tall as earth. I felt dwarfed as the red flower towered over me. Terrified, horrified, frightened, I shot off like a bullet. Will I survive? Can I escape the poppy monster?