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Today was the day. It was my birthday. I couldn’t wait until later when my friends were coming for a sleepover. It was going to be amazing. I was going to have: cocktails, cupcakes, croissants, crêpes. Ding Dong. That was all my friends ready for party time. “Happy birthday,” they exclaimed full of joy.

We all went upstairs and had a vote of what we were going to play. We all agreed on playing hide and seek. “Yes, I love hide and seek, I’m a pro,” Toby cheered. “Right Ann your counting rest of us find a hiding place. Emily and I decided to hide outside behind the bushes. Emily was my arch nemesis, but I have to be her friend as our mums are best friend.

I always try to get her back for what  she did to me, but  every time I try our parents come in. Now I am all alone with her and its my birthday, so I can tell her what to  do. “Hey Emily you know  wolves live in this bush they come every time they smell ketchup.” I said foolishly. “Get me ketchup to prove it,” she said. I ran inside to get ketchup. I threw it out to her and went upstairs too find my  wolves outfit.

I ran downstairs and when she turned around I sneaked into the bushes. They rustled. I grabbed her and threw her all the way to who knows where.

Embarrassing Mum

It was the day. The day all my friends were coming to my big mansion for my ultimate sleepover. I just couldn’t wait. I need to make sure everything looked perfect and obviously I need to look nice. Everybody says I’m boastful, but they are just jealous of the beauty in me. My parents are so annoying too. They’re always embarrassing me. Anyways time to get ready now.

Holly, who is my best friend , helped me to get ready. When I had done the finishing touch, she complemented me. “Your hair is the golden sun, your eyes are emeralds and your dress is as lovely as roses.” Holly exclaimed. “Well thank you, you look….. nice.” I said not really caring. Soon all my friends soon arrived. “Happy birthday!!” they shouted happily. “Thank you everyone,” I answered back.

“Now girls its time to do our makeovers.” I said excitedly. They all screamed of joy. We ran upstairs. I told Holly to take over while I go and talk to my mum. “Mum make sure you make us some fabulous breakfast this morning, not something rubbish.” “Got it.” mum said. Soon after we all looked beautiful with our make up on. Mum came up stairs with guess what? Eggs! “Really? Eggs!” I exclaimed furiously. “Yeah I thought you would all like some eggs.” mum said shockly.  “I hate my mum,” I shouted.

100WC #Week11

I don’t know how I can cope with this . It could be the last time that I ever see my family. My family is the most important people in my life; the ink to my pen. Without them, there would be tireless days and sleepless nights. How can I leave my family to go and fight for our country? It would kill me to know that I won’t be able to spend the most memorable days with them. I hope they will always remember me.

Now for those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us, we will always remember them.

100WC #Week 9

My heart is broken. No one understands what I’m going through; the pain, the stress, the sleepless nights. She was my best friend and the ink to my pen.The green veins were popping out of her lifeless body. When I was feeling down hearted, she was the one who lifted my spirits. My cat was very extraordinary. Her favourite hobby was swimming, even though she couldn’t. I hated to watch her struggle, but it was too funny to resist.I can not believe she is gone. Every morning I wake up wishing she would be there lying next to me.


100WC #Week10

On a cold, dark Saturday evening, three children decided to head up to the woods. Staring ahead of them was a cabin; isolated and ancient. The children were scared, frightened and worried, but were curious to see what was inside. They entered the hut. Inside, they encountered a mysterious looking creature that was lurking in the background. Big, black and bold it began to gravitate towards them. The three children stared at it as it shivered, they then realized it was a bear. Struck with fear, they began to run for their lives. The terror had only begun to occur ……

100WC #Week8

It started to move. Its sign said Keep of the Grass. “Max this is really creeping me out, how can a statue move?” I asked in a eager way. The day before, Max and I had touched the statue and it felt as hard as a solid rock. “I’m the keeper of this garden and I’m here to haunt all the people who think its ok to disobey my rules. Suddenly a pram came rolling on the grass. No one was with the baby. I was scared the statue would kill the innocent baby. His eyes were ready to kill.

100WC #Week7

I couldn’t believe the smell! It was wonderful. It smelt like flowers blossoming beautifully in spring. I was in love with the smell. “Jasmine, can you smell that beautiful smell,” I called out loudly. “Yeah it smells really nice,” she replied. I ran downstairs rapidly, eager to find out what was making the smell. The closer I got the stronger the smell became. The smell was coming from the garden. It was my mother experimenting to make a new fragrance called “Fabulous Flowers.”
“Mum this smells beautiful, let me touch,” I picked it up carefully. Suddenly the fragrance slipped out of my hand.

100 wc

It was cold. Leaves were rustling as I walked through them; I was scared,but I urged myself to be brave like Jesus. I heard the hoot of owls hooting frightening me. Galloping through the woods like a wild dog, I soon reached the end of the walkway.

Standing there was a haunted house. Let me describe the place for you:gloomy, eerie and old. I dared not to got inside scared of what I would encounter. Three hours later… I was still standing there! “I want to go inside but I’m terrified,” I muttered. I decided to be brave and step inside.