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100WC #Week17

It was dark. Frightened, scared, worried, Ella ran rapidly through the eerie woods. On her way, she spotted a decrepit looking hut. Thinking thoroughly, she thought about going inside. Despite the fact that it looked like a haunted house, she still went in. Inside was pitch black. Just then a light turned on, the light was SO bright, like millions of stars dazzling in the night sky. Standing there, was a man. Scared, worried, frightened, Ella madly took deep breaths,  Shivering anxiously, Ella moved towards the door. But the man followed. He shook her shoulders. His eyes were ready to kill.

100WC #week16

John began. As he started they began to play the soothing music. He remembered those glorious times, when he and Ben used to have an adventure in Woodbury Woods. There they went, strolling wildly down the rocky path. Running rapidly they fled down into the ancient, decrepit hut. Thinking hardly, they went to explore inside. They stood in awe. Their eyes were glued to it. But how? Inside they found the most lustrous, gleaming gold they had ever seen. Standing in amazement, they drew closer and closer, and without doubt they touched it. Calmness flew through their body. The clock struck 12. There John sat continuing.

Amrit Sanskar

Sikhs who have been through the Amrit Ceremony, which is known as a baptism for Sikhs, become baptised Sikhs and take new names.  The Amrit Ceremony was introduced by Guru Gobind Singh when he found the Khalsa, which is a very important Sikh festival, in 1699. The ceremony takes place in a Gurdwara, which is their special place to pray just like we have a church to get baptised in.  Before the ceremony, everyone takes a bath. A Sikh can go through this initiation as soon as they are old enough to understand the full commitment that they are making.The Guru Granth Sahib presents the 5 K’s.

The 5K’s are symbols they use just like we have symbols in our Christian life. They wear the 5 K’s to show that they are dedicated to Guru.  The 5 K’s have a very important meaning.

Kesh  means uncut hair and symbols holiness and strength. In the past Sikhs have been regarded to keep their hair long to show a way of keeping God gift. Women are not allowed to trim any body hair and men aren’t allowed to trim their beards. It is like Samson the strong in the Holy Bible.

Kara is a steel bracelet. It symbols restraint and gentility. It also shows that there is no beginning and no end. Sikhs made it out of steel because it is not an ornament. It tells the Sikhs they should not do anything wrong.

Kanga is a wooden comb. It shows a clean mind and body. It symbolises the importance of looking after the body which God has created. Since you only have one body you have to take care of it very carefully.

Katcha is an special underwear. They are forbidden to go past your knee. It symbolises chastity. When Sikhs rode horses they wore these special kind of pants.

Kirpan is a special sword. There is not exactly a perfect fixed one but as long as it is a few inches to 3 feet long then it is fine.   It is kept in a sheath, which is a close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword, and can be worn over or under clothing.  It symbolises spirituality,  defence of the good, defence of the weak, the struggle against justice, a metaphor for God, or the soldier part of soldier saints.

The symbols have become greatly more powerful with each passing year of Sikh history. For a Sikh the fact that the Guru has instructed the Sikhs to wear the 5 Ks is a good reason and nothing more needs to be said.

During the ceremony, hymns are recited from the Sikh scripture and prayers are said. The amrit is prepared. Amrit is a mixture of sugar and water that has been stirred with a double-edged sword. The amrit is sprinkled on their hair and eyes. There are readings from the Guru Granth Sahib and an explanation of rules of Sikhism. 5 sikhs perform the ceremony.

The ceremony ends with the eating of the ceremonial Karah Parshad. Karah Parshad is a sweet tasting food which has been blessed. It is made from semolina, sugar and ghee.The sikhs promise to lead a pure and pious life to unite with Almighty Lord.

After the ceremony everybody has a large meal called the langar. Children usually have the Amrit ceremony when they are born to welcome them to the community. Some have it after.


It was the day. The day Lola was going to see her little darling. Dan and Lola ran rapidly into their rusty, old car.They  speeded of with smoke smoking through the air. It was a beautiful day today;sun gleaming on the ripples of water; familys having picnics; snowy clouds gathering together and swirling in the sky. They were nearly there then, as they turned the corner, they spotted her. Her golden skin; sun gleaming delightfully on her; her big, blue, ocean eyes. It was my puppy- Bailey. I ran towards her and she cuddled up to me. She’s back home.


Rapidly running through the wild woods, I spotted a gate. Tom and I scrambled through the gate and came across a sofa. A decript, rusty, old sofa. Chesnut leaves were scattered all over it. Tom and I carefully sat on it. But it started to glow up. When  sofa starts magically glowing;  when the clouds cover the gleaming sun; when your mind gets dizzy, then you know something wierd is going to happen. We flooded through a magic hole. But where we appered was extrememely wierd. Home. Confused, scared, worried, Tom and I looked around the house. No one was there…

100Wc #Week19

“Its extremely cold,” I muttered to Zar.  Just as I turned on to Clarington Road -my road- we stood in awe. For once the street lights were on. The view was – I can’t even describe it. ” Im speechless, its beautiful, Zara exclaimed, eyes glued to the lampost. The light glistened down brightly on the concrete floor. My eyes reflected in the moonlit sky. Smiling blissfully, I ran to my mother. “Mum, the lights are on,” I screamed with excitement. She wasnt in any of the rooms. I ran into the attic. There I found her crying uncontrollably on the floor.

100WC #Week15

The time has come. Christmas! When you hear Christmas carrolers singing gracefully; when you hear wrapping paper being teared into shreds; when you smell mince pies wafting in the air, then you know Christmas is near. My celebration for Christmas will be great. I ran rapidly to the sparkling Christmas tree. I scrambled through the presents, chucking others till I saw a present wrapped in red wrapping paper with a velvet ribbon. I shook it. I felt nervous. It moved. “Woah, this present seems strange,” I muttered. I opened it. It was a dog. His eyes were ready to kill.

100WC #Week14

The boat looked decrepit; cobwebs dangling down from the United Kingdom flag; a musty smell coming from the inside of the boat; frozen iceberbs hanging down making drips of water fall. I can’t describe how scared I am. This was the boat. The boat that was known to haunt people for the rest of their life if you layed a finger on it. I  tried to ignore it but I felt like a lion scratching me signaling me to touch it. My hands trembled as I walked towards it. As I touched it there was a fiery, loud screeching noise.

100WC #Week13

When you see the golden brown, chestnut leaves; when you hear the children jumping with joy into the pile of crackling leaves; when you receive the warm, breathtaking hot chocolate, then you know autumn is near. Seeing the deep crimson leaves made me feel like a baby bird in its nest protected by its mother. I heard a rustle in the leaves. I walked on, as the leaves rustled, I shook uncontrollably making me sweat like a beast. I walked on trying to ignore it, but it felt like a lion was scratching me. Guess what was there, a cat!

100WC #Week12

He was shocked to find a ugly, horrifying looking creature. “No, it can’t be, ” he exclaimed. The mysterious monster scrunched up into a tiny ball looking  like a hedgehog. “Who are you and what have you come for, ” Lord Nulth shouted aggressively. There was no response. “You have failed me,” Lord Nulth spoke to his guards ferociously. The guards looked down at the floor not daring to move a muscle. Despite the fact that the Lord Nulth was failed by his guards, he did not kill them. Slowly, the creature started to rise up. His eyes were ready to kill…