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On the run! Chapter 1

Bandana check, gun check, ready to go. Trevor raced in his spotless, shiny car towards downtown- not paying attention to what was going on around him. Gosh, that was a close call, that new car isn’t going to be new for much longer. Screech… the wheels cried in agony. Soon later, a kind of old man came out of the car. Ding dong, the bell on the door in the market whistled, then out of nowhere Trevor pulled out a gun. Pointing at the shop keeper people screamed in horror. The worker rummaged through the cash machine still searching for money to give to the theif. “That’s all I have!” shouted the unknown man “Please don’t hurt me!”  Once again the bell sang as Trevor left. He zoomed out in the distance with his engine still roaring .
Suddenly he arrived at a house. He sat on the sofa and watched TV. ” A robbery at Grounded street, the local market.” announced a news reporter.  Trevor’s mouth was wide open- eyes glued to the television. Nothing could stop him concentrating on what he heard on the TV. Nothing could make it worse, only one thing could- knock knock knock.  “Mr Williams are you there? “ someone questioned. “Open the door now or we will force it down!” the voice shouted again. Nothing happened. Bang- the door burst, wide open. Trevor was hiding behind the dusty old couch.  Endless footsteps approached, they became louder and louder. “Hands in the air!”

100wc #23

Everyone likes lucky places, yet unlucky ones aren’t so popular anymore. There it was. The useless sofa ditched in the woods. It was quiet. So quiet that I could almost hear myself thinking ‘ isn’t this crazy Ol ‘ Ben’s  seat and his cats? ‘ Sadly he was gone. The sofa has lost his owner. Ploop, a white something dropped fro the sky. Ewwwww, birds poo. Wait isn’t that lucky? Does this mean it might have a new friend. The next day was a nice day: birds singing; flowers were now surounding the sofa. “Where am I?” Leo questioned as he woke up. “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

“You’re driving me up the wall!”

“it’s mine not yours!” I shouted as I snatched my phone back from my sister- Natalie. “Give it back!” she demanded in return. We were on the floor building a lego house as all of this happened. All of a sudden, it was quiet. Too quiet. “MUM!” we roared as we got onto our feet to run to our mum. We began to talk  over each other- both explaining our point of the fight when… “Stop, you’re driving me up the wall!” “What does that mean?” questioned my little sister. You stupid girl, I thought to myself, just not get myself into more trouble. About 10 minutes later we explained one by one and my sister won that round. I’m not giving up it’s only 1:0. Later that day, I was watching TV in my room when I heard quiet footsteps. “I was watching first.” I said. “Now you’re driving me up the wall.”

100wc week17

A strange man- Nick- smoothed his greasy, black hair and carried on treading. He made his way through a somber alley. His limbs trembled uncontrollably, not because the cold, yet because of the flickering shadows all around. It was quiet. Too quiet. Without warning, something glued his eyes. A rusty bag. It had a money sign on it. Was Nick’s chance to be rich? He took a closer look and rummaged through the rusty old bag, but there was nothing to be seen. Yet one thing caught his eye… a light – the light was SO bright that is dragged him in forever.

100wc #15

When you are flopped on the sofa; when your shirt button is undone; when your sipping an ice, cold beer: then you know its time to relax. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, I ran downstairs , a capacious box tied up with a red ribbon stood there. I opened the package to find a strange, monster. I was confused why there was such a large box and a little creature anyway… Stunned, worried, nervous, I read the note, ‘Enjoy the celebration and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, I love you son!’. In that moment, I wrenched my buddy’s and disappeared. Goodbye.

100wc #14

Memories are enchanting diamonds, hidden in treasure chests that are dug deep down away from the future. Some memories are hard to remember, but some are hard to forget. As I held the book in my hand for the first time in over 50 years it was like a selection of memories come flooding back to me. The waves crashed into the rusty rocks and onto the chalk-white sand. I was on that oxidized boat with all my shipmates. Soon later, the ship collided once more. I slipped and bumped my head on the corner of the boat. Suddenly the door bell rang and I awoke.

100wc #13

When the leaves fall of trees; when the wind is a howling wolf; when day is night as fast as a firework, then I know Autumn has come. As we walked along the pavement, it felt lonely and endless. Suddenly I heard rattling in the bushes, I turned around,  but nothing was there. It was near, really near. Moments later, things calmed down but as the leaves rustled, I sensed a tickle run down the back of my neck. As I looked back I knew that was my last turn ever. In that moment, I realized I had chosen the wrong choice.

Remember 100wc

“I’m back!” a sinister voice exclaimed from down the stairs. “Don’t you remember me?” the eerie voice carried on. As I crept down the creaking stair, not wanting to make a sound, my head was spinning. Without warning, I felt a gentle hand rest on my shivering shoulder. Not daring to look I questioned the man, “Wo are you?, leave me alone!” Moments later, after I composed myself, I cautiously opened my eyes to see something i didn’t want to see- my dad. My heart shattered  into pieces. I couldn’t resist to run- I was back in my room. I was shocked.


There he is- the Lord of Nulth. Just about to open the mysterious sack full of mystery. Stunned, amazed, astonished, he whipped it out of one of the guard’s stiff hand. The kicking and screaming was endless like a corridor, which leads to nowhere. Without warning, the Lord’s stomach tightened. Was it the end of him? The Lord’s head was spinning- he didn’t know if he should open the sack. As fast as a firework, he let free the screaming something. It was a fury ball of cotton. It was angry. In the speed of light the Lord and his guards were gone.

Week#8 100wc

There it was. Petrified, panicked, startled, I crept towards the bloodcurdling statue. I stared at it with horror in my eyes as it towered over me. The wind was a howling wolf. After composing myself I poked the wierd statue and stepped back, it didn’t move. I heard rattling in the bushes, I turned around, but nothing was there. I carried on walking when I felt a hand of ice leaning on my shoulder. It was the statue; it dragged me to a overgrown bush. Luckily I escaped from the statue. Soon after I fell into a very deep sleep.