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We all argue harshly with our parents. We show unpleasant attitude and drag ourselves to a disgraceful mood. Only when someone disappears, or dies, we have the appreciation to be greatful and kind. Well, if there is one thing you need to know about the world, it doesn’t work that way. Appreciate everything while you have it, because you never know what will happen. Appreciate the poppies that are at the Tower of London. These beautiful poppies are not only flowers, they are souls of the brave, fallen soldiers that fought for freedom. Remember…. Give thanks for what you have and love it.


I was angry. I was angry with the world, and myself. I’ve caught the bad mood disease. I kicked the pebbles to the crystal, clear water that calmed me with it’s soothing waves. I squeezed half a smile on my face, although I wasn’t fully satisfied with the earth. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that I was an an angel, with delicate wings, floating above all creation. But something was distracting me. Something. Ouch. My eyes squinted in pain and anguish. I removed my hand for vision, and to my surprise, there was a flickering, captivating sunset. The light was SO bright! It was a toasty fire bringing me cordial and comfort. It attracted many people, because most were asleep. Despite the light shining so brightly, I wasn’t angry, I was contented. I was contented with the world, and myself.

The Secret World Chapter 2

Sticky cobwebs dangled all over the place, while deep voices took over the secret world. Clouds hurled a thunderstorm at Jake, and the sun that we once knew as beautiful and breathtaking, transformed into a dangerous ball of bombs. Jake was now terrified. He knew that once he became a part of this place, there is no escape. Slowly, carefully, cleverly, Jake walked into the castle that was a palace at the secret world. A majestic bird flew across, and that was the only beauty around here. He tiptoed on the staircase trying not to make a distraction. He finally came face to face with a room that was covered in deep crimson wallpaper on the front. A sinister sound approached the room, so therefore Jake was afraid to explore it. Jake was slowly realising that the secret world was a planet of doors that was inescapable.

The Secret World Chapter 1

Jake tiptoed through the foggy, dark forest, hoping to find the secret world. He longed to find it, he had to find it. The trees curled into truculent faces and the clouds slept silently above, turning darker every minute. Suddenly, Jake sought a rusty, damp gate. It was lurking in the pit of terror. When the world turns it’s back on you; when you are in the middle of a treacherous descision; when you’re left all alone, then trouble strikes. Sauntering slowly, Jake strolled towards the horror. The towering, stained entrance creaked open. Jake entered, and that was when he made the biggest mistake of his life.


It was Christmas Eve. I skipped merrily out of bed and opened the living room door. There was a brightly lit Christmas tree that glimmered like a thousand stars, and underneath were big, red stacks of presents. Celebration time, I thought. After a few minutes, the whole family woke up, and I was first to open my present. But, as I rattled the box, a strange thing happened. The box walked along the stairs as we all glared at it. I was so nervous, and the present was shaking furiously. I wondered. What could be inside the box?

Chick Lilifee Chapter 1

I hated living in the forest. The muddy, dirty swamps. The cold, freezing weather of the climate. Every night I had to worry what was lurking in the deep, dark, sinister bushes. My only guide was a torch. It hardly worked, and I had to pound it every time I used it. I lived here with Kendra, from I’m a celebrity get me out of here, because my parents were best friends with her. She hardly talked to me though, wondering and minding her own buisness. About my parents, they lived in a beautiful open cottage in the far hill meadows that gleamed like gold. Every morning when the sunset rose in the forest, I would turn my eyes a fraction just to peek a view at the pretty village. I visit them every holiday and I love it there. I longed to live there.

Week 14 100wc

I curled up into a tiny ball. I didn’t know where I was, and I wish that the sick feeling would wash away. I nervously stretched myself out on a sandy layer, closed my eyes and daydreamed that I would be found and be happy, like I once was. When the waves rushed over the rocks; when a salty scent filled my nostrils; when a crab waddled along, then I knew I was on the beach. I flushed open my eyes and a majestic, polished boat stood before me. I didn’t know what to do. Fate could choose for me.

100wc Week 13

Emma loved Kitty. Kitty was Emma’s cat and since she got it she spended every hour of her free time, just to get a glance of her purring away sweetly. Her favorite hobby was lying in a bath of colorful, crusted leaves and rolling around in them. It just made them ever so happy, as long as they had each other. Emma and Kitty approached the park where they were lots of Autumn leaves. Emma felt a smile coming across her face as they went to the leaf bath, but as the leaves rustled, Emma was unsure about something.

As it shivered they…

As it shivered they stepped away, wondering what kind of power this was. Anna reached her finger towards the icicle and slowly she turned into the snow girl. She walked along the isle with her snow dress following behind. Her hair was wrapped in a beautiful ice band. She was truly a great princess. But then she gazed up, looking at the horror. It towered over her. The snow king, (more like a snow monster). He growled and prowled viciously, yet he only wanted to present her the crown. Anna’s friend Mora stood beside her thinking about what would happened next to her.