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TopModel Boulvevard Chapter 14


“Christy, why? What happened? Where are you going to now?

” Somewhere, but you’ll see me around. I mean, I’ll still be at the hotel, only day and night.”

The girls were gobsmacked. Christy, leaving? She was the girl that kept the city alive, and now, she was leaving?

” By career in fashion is ruined. I’m going to a training school because my injuries has caused me to perform at a lower level. I’m sorry I let you down, I love you guys!”

She showered the girls with hugs, hugs that would be the last for a very long time.

” It’s over girls, just forget about me and move on with your lives. Bye.”

Christy walked out the door and gave the girls a never ending pain that is a permanent mark on their hearts.TopModel just got duller. All these adventures that bought pleasure into the days were like the morning sunset fading away at night. Game over.

TopModel Boulvevard 9

Candy, Fergie and Christy enjoyed their mouthwatering breakfast, and Christy seemed even more contented that she fits in the TopModel World. Christy, chewed on a juicy kiwi as Liv, Jenny, and Janet sauntered over to the girls’ table.

“Watch out,” warned Candy and Fergie,” those girls are nicknamed mean underlined.”

“What’s up Christy, are you eating up your shame?” Christy was purplexed.

“Cut to the chase, what antics are you planning now?” blurted Candy backing up her best friend.

“Ok, I’ll cut to the chase. Christy is the ugliest TopModel that ever lived, and you’ll so not win the TopModel award. What family did you come out of, aliens?” snickered Liv, Jenny and Janet.

Christy stood up nonchalantly and put her hands on her hips.

“Excuse me, but I think you’re refering to yourself.” replied Christy.

Yes, Christy was the kind of girl that could talk the talk like she could walk the walk. Christy hadn’t noticed, but she’d attracted a crowd, and everyone gasped in surprise at Christy.

“I’m sympethetic and friendly to everyone who treats me fairly, and since you haven’t, watch out. Christy’s best friends forever was so proud of her for standing up for herself. She had transformed into nice, shy to nice, confident.

Now, there’s only one question left to ask you, reader. What do you think will happen next?

TopModel Boulvevard 8

As I caught up with the girls, I thought about Will. I think … I liked him. Anyway, now’s not the time. My eyes searched for the room 101 breakfast table.

” Sorry, guys, I met this amazing guy called…

“Will. The guy with cool black hair that adores your eyes and the guy who’s staring at you right now.” Candy and Fergie exclaimed simultaneously.

I looked behind me and I saw Will hiding behind a feather plant.

” How did you know?” I asked.

” He’s really popular here. Everyone’s asking him to the ceremony, but he always says that he already has a date.

“Really? Who?

” I think he means you” whispered Candy and Fergie.

TopModel Boulvevard 7

I woke up in the night, and my eyes just couldn’t shut. I took a look at my roommates, and they were asleep. I bounced my head on my pillow, just like a rubber ball. All I could think about was the TopModel ceremony. The number one rule was that I had to bring a date. I couldn’t possibly find a date in less that 5 days! And I really wanted to make it big in this city, and win the award. Candy and Fergie were happy to help me, but time wasn’t on my side.

“Christy! Christy!”

Someone was calling my name. I eyed the corner and I saw Candy and Fergie having a midnight feast, and chatting about the big day.

“Come join us!” They pleaded friendily.

I leaped eagerly over to them and together we continued to chat about our lives in TopModel.

Morning was here. I woke up to see marshmallows on my blanket and my Bff’s on the floor. I gazed sleepily at the clock. It was nine. We’ve overslept. Note to self: never wake up in the middle of the night and turn it into a fiesta!

“Candy, Fergie, we’ve overslept, and we need to be at the Fashion Studio at nine- thirty!”

We rushed over to the bathroom to get ready, and then literally ran, fell over, and ran downstairs for some TopModel style breakfast. As I scurried downstairs, I bumped into someone.

” I’m sorry, I was in a rush…

He stared at me for about what seemed like forever…

His name was Will.

” Has anybody told you that you have pretty eyes?”

“Ummm, thank you” I stuttered as I ran off like a coward.

Week27# 100wc

I was finally here. I was beginning my ultimate adventure. I was in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. You’re probably wondering why I’m here. I’ve come to start a life here, and shop my heart out. I ran frantically to the luxurious hotel, and made my way to the most designer shops. The  clothes that my eyes met were amazingly perfect. But this one dress was outstanding. I had a red coursage, matched with the long, red dress. This pretty, little outfit was definetly going to win me the award for best fashion designer at the model ceremony. Definetly.

TopModel Boulvevard 6

I really wanted this to happen. I mean, it could. Me, Candy and Fergie could go together and meet all the TopModels there! What was happening? You guessed it. TopModel official ceremony. The TopModel ceremony came up every year, and every TopModel comes to snack, chat, party and… be crowned Best TopModel ever. Us girls were already planning what to wear, what to be bring, and our speech, if we win the BTM award! I really wanted this to happen.

My Journey Under Water with a horse

I swam rapidly through the green seaweed in the underwater volcano. I was deep down, and I couldn’t find my way out. I was chasing after a horse that my most prized possession, a golden necklace. Did you know that horses could swim? Suddenly, I saw a gleaming sunlight above the crystal clear water. That was my way out. I frantically waved my hands on top of the water, getting my balance. Finally. I ran over to my mum to tell her I that I was ok, but she couldn’t remember me. I didn’t know what was going on. I was a person. Why couldn’t they remember me? What have I done?


Ella wondered around the ancient palace that was worth gems. She, a homeless beggar, had nothing but a fuzzy, comforting blanket and worn out shoes. Finally she approached an immense, golden door. It had diamonds that were queen size. Ella dug up her strength to push open the door, and found a big banquet. The jaw dropping, shining turkey lay at the centre of the table, while juice sat waiting for someone to sip it. Scorching sausages gained the steam, and wine grapes earned their flavor. Meanwhile, as he started they joined in with Geoff to sing the carol. Ella heard them,but she had her eyes fixed with food.


Today was the day. Christy was coming to start her life in TopModel City. She was really nervous, but she had a feeling that she would fit in as fast as a spider walks. Christy tugged onto her luggage as it strolled on the rusty cement. She lifted up her head and was surprised to notice that much beauty.

“Are you new here?” spoke Talita who was born with confidence. I came here a year a go and I totally loved it. My best friends are Nyela and Louise. I guess you’re looking for the TopModel Suite Hotel. I’ll show you around! Christy felt fab. Already she had made a bestie!

100wc week 23

I was lost. I wanted to ask for help, but no one was there. I looked around me and shivered in fright. I was in the middle of a isolated forest, and it got darker by the minute. Everything changed when I saw an ancient artefact. I gazed at it with my curious eyes. What could it be?, I thought. Suddenly, the rusty chameleon on the artefact started talking to me.” Every lost person has come across this. It holds many hidden stories. If you want to find out, go underneath the curtains. But be warned, you will not come out!