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It’s not easy being on a stage and preforming something. I, for instance, am a comedian. Obviously, I was a student: I learnt how to conquer my fear and be confident on stage.  I still remember when I went to my first stand-up show.

The audience were full of random people! I don’t even want to talk about it. Anyway, a young man came on stage. As he started they started booing him, but he was STILL there. After a few minutes everyone kept quite and let him talk, he was an AMAZING comedian! He was the man that inspired me the most and made me conquer my fear.

100wc week#15

Today was the Christmas celebration. I opened my presents first thing in the morning, but instead of seeing the object I desired the most, I saw a strange red glove. I tried it on and it felt like a cloud was on my hand, even though I have never felt a cloud before. My hand started sweating – it was stuck to my hand – so I tried to take it off. I started getting nervous. I didn’t feel that soft feeling on my hand that I had before. The glove strangled my hand and my arm, because I could see the color purple starting to flow across my entire arm. I opened my eyes. It was just a dream … for now.

100WC Week 14

‘And this is the boat of death, you must stay away from it. I’m warning you…’ I was going around the country to find the creature. My instructor was telling me what to avoid and what to go closer to. This was my chance to become one of the fearless: my ONLY chance. I took my gear and left the premises. I was walking around until something took my arm and dragged me in front of the boat. I remembered it from my instructors words so I knew I should leave, but something pulled me to go inside: something deadly. Something that wanted to kill me…

100WC week13

Today was the day: it was the day when I was going to go to California. I felt as if I’ve been watched for the past couple years in London. I packed my bags and strutted off for the door. As I was about to reach the door knob, I knew someone was behind the door. Someone was waiting for me to open the door. Whilst looking through the gap underneath the door, I could see the deathly shadows of a human. I took a knife from the drawers and confidently opened the door. It seemed normal,  but as the leaves rustled I knew was wrong…

He was shocked to find…

…there was one of his robot clones: the one who had the bag.

“What on earth are you doing in there???” said the lord of Nulth whilst gnashing his teeth.

“It escaped, sir! It escaped!” It said with a grey voice.

Hours and hours of searching in the dead night. It was no use. Most of the robot guards already gave up, but not Nulth. He was eager to find it, it was his priority. It was his goal. His target, but in short: he was never going to give up. Suddenly, a bush moved. Nulth moved closer to the bush: It was the night zoo keeper.

Angel Z

 Chapter 2

Some really freaky things have been going on so I decided to go and meet my best friend, Ryan. I recognized his shirt and ran to him so I could tell him what has been happening to me. After a couple of minutes of me explaining, he stopped me and told me exactly the same thing has been happening to him! We thought what it could be, but then, I thought of the most smartest yet unbelievable idea. I opened my mouth to tell him what it could be, but nothing came out. It was getting dark so I went home. I sat on my bed and thought hard. Enough to make my brain explode. It could be the secret.

Angel Z

Chapter 1:

In your mind, Angels are Gods helpers. They fight with evil and they keep you safe. But I think some Angels are liars. They want their own power, they want to own heaven, earth and even hell. So let me tell you what I saw.

It was the first day of half term. I picked up the phone to call my friends, but all I heard was breathing. Deep breathing. I threw the phone on my bed and found a mini skull with a dagger through its jaw on my table. I thought it belonged to my brother so I placed it in his room. As I went back to MY room,  I saw the little object on the floor in front of me. Okay, so at this point I got really freaked out. I took the weird looking thing and threw it out the window. I composed myself and slithered into my bed, I was exhausted.

I had a nightmare. I was in a dark room with a dull tiny light. I saw my friends tied to chairs. I was in the middle of two tall tables. One had that little skull with the dagger and the other one had a bright silver key. Luckily, I woke up before I could know what happened next.

100WC #week9

I was swimming along the river with a bunch of my friends, when out of nowhere a cat jumped in the water and started screeching until my ears bled. My friends and I got out of the water and hid behind a tree, because something was seriously wrong with this cat. One of us were brave enough to walk towards the cat, so my friend, Mike, lifted the cat up in the sky. Something green came out of the cats mouth. A revolting color. Suddenly, the cat turned into liquid and a broken glass appeared on the floor. It was unbelievable.


I was awoken by a screaming woman: my wife. “You left the lights on at night!” She aforesaid. “You know we don’t have have enough money to pay the electric bills. Our life insurers don’t care about us…”  Her voice faded away. She lay on the bed, she was starting to fall asleep.

After a few moments of silence, I remembered that today was the 100th anniversary for WW1. I picked my self up and opened a container. It contained my fathers pictures before going out to War. I still remember the time when my father bequeathed me an endowment: A toy Beretta Model 93R. The best gift ever.

100WC #week10

It was another lousy day at work. I work at ChicksChicken, the number one place to go to if you want to become obese. It’s the same usual work routine: wake, work, eat, sleep and repeat. The worst part is that the world most annoying person is my manger: Chris

”You need to go help Tom and David kill the chicken” Chris tells me. But before I could disagree Chris pushed me into the room of blood. I saw a fluffy chicken, as it shivered, they used a cleaver to chop it. Great, now I have to do that for the whole day.