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Calvin and Hobbes (PREVIEW)

When I was younger, my imagination was incredible. I didn’t have any friends – so I created one, Hobbes. I constructed entire planets for myself.     But as I grew up, I tried to leave childish things behind; my imagination had other ideas. And my daydreams, once harmless, slowly turned into a frightening reality.

It knows I’m growing up. It’s fighting back. Evolving. And I don’t think I can stop it. Things are getting worst: Hobbes is gone. He’s somewhere inside my mind. I’ve got to go after him, or my imagination will take over.

Calvin and Hobbes.


I wake up suddenly.

”Calvin, it was just a dream. Go back to bed.”

That was Hobbes: the same stuffed tiger I had since I was 5. He was my only true friend I ever had.

”Felt so real though.” I respond.

A spark flew and hit my cheek, I look at where it came from.

”The house is falling apart, Hobbs” I say in the most calmest voice.

Hobbes grabs my shoulder and squeezes it.

”Calvin, stop! Calvin! Calvin!! Calvin!”

The hole becomes bigger as I stare into it. Why is this happening?  I’m a grown adult. I should leave these fantasies. 

But it’s only began.

Angel Z

Chapter 4

I couldn’t sleep. Was it the secret? I thought about the skull. It was the symbol. The symbol of Angel Z. He was back.

When morning came, I went to the park to meet Ryan (he’s usually there at about 6am to 8am everyday). I told him confidently, but after seeing his face. I wish I didn’t. ”Angel Z? He cant be back! We destroyed him last time. You don’t have any proof.” Ryan said impatiently. I didn’t answer back. I took time to look into my pockets and find the skull. I knew he would say that.

I showed him the skull and dropped it into his hand. He stood in shock. ”We need to find him. We need to find him quickly. If we don’t, he’ll know the secret and we’ll be one of his slaves.” I said in a serious manner. I rubbed the skull fastidiously. It was time. He came back.

100wc week#26

I run past the other runners: something was chasing me and it was about to chase them. I run past corner to corner, then find people infront of me. I’m the slowest of all runners so I knew I was going to get eaten by this beast…but it didn’t stop me running. I run behind everyone else, trying to get through.

As they turned the corner, something grabbed me. I felt sticky around my back. I turn around and see my older brother covered in blood and covered in the sticky liquid.

”Don’t worry, He’s gone.”

But I knew that the venom went into his brain because He’s not gone.

Week#29 100WC

”Father, why is there a couch there?”

”It’s the couch of Ol’ Man Ben.”

”Who’s he?”

”Legend says that Ol’ Man Ben made this couch for him and his wife. After a few days of having this couch, Ben found his wife lying dead on the couch. This was because the chemicals Ben used to make this couch were deadly. He laid on the couch and began to slowly lead to his death. And now, if you listen closely, everyday at 1:30am to 3:45pm you can hear the sobbing from the wife and husband, begging for mercy.”’

”But how come that man is sitting there?”

Week#17 100WC

”Don’t give on me, Mcgrath!” were the last words I heard.

I found myself in a room. Mysterious. I somehow saw a door (the whole room was plain white). I opened the door: the light was SO bright! I felt the wind trying to pull me up. I was falling. It felt like I was falling forever…

”Mcgrath!” I heard in the distance, as if the wind was speaking. ”Mcgrath!” I was now in a dark and empty room, with only myself and the chair there. Something was attached to my head, it looked like a silvery bowl with wires sticking out. I felt a little zap. ”Your power is now mine, Mcgrath…”

Ripple (Christmas Competition)

It was the coldest day of the year and the most busiest. Christmas Eve. Two children and their Mother were sent off to go and get some food for the family. They went around the super market and found what they could. One of the children named ‘Alice’ found something that is so appetizing: the most neatest and perfect cheesecake. She took it and she gave it a good stare. Alice begged her Mother for the cheesecake. “I wont ask for anything else,” she assumed, “Its Christmas Eve today!” Her Mother allowed her to take the cake. The problem was that this family was insolvent.

It was finally their turn in the queue. Food was passing and beeps of money was erasing out of the bank cards. The total price was ‘$962.32’. The Mother was counting her tokens and her son was counting the money. The son shook his head. “Can you please take out the cheesecake? We didn’t really need it anyway,” the Mother said to the cashier, hopelessly.

As they were getting out of the supermarket, a man approached Alice. “Here,” he handed her a cheesecake, “have this cheese cake and enjoy it with your family.” The Mother looked astonished and she refused. “Once, when I was a little boy. I really wanted an ice cream, but I couldn’t have one because my family was poor. Then one man came to me and got me the ice cream I wanted. I didn’t even know him! So after that day, I vowed to be like that man and help everyone who is need.”

“Thank you so much. Please give me your contact details so I can pay you back,” the Mother said very gratefully. The stranger started writing down something on a piece of paper, which everyone thought was his contact details. The man handed it to Alice. “When you get the chance to help someone, will you do it?” Alice nodded gently.

“Grandfather, Grandfather!” the children chanted. “Look what we’ve got from Christmas!” spluttered the Son, “Its a cheesecake! An actual cheesecake!” Nothing was said after, just smiles growing upon those four faces.

After the children left, the Grandfather gave the Mother a suspicious look. “Where did you get the money for that?” said Grandfather, accusing Mother of something. She explained what the kind man has done and that he left his contact on a note. The Grandfather took the note and opened it gently. It read ‘A simple act of caring, creates an endless ripple. That comes back to you…’

Memories drifted into Grandfather’s mind, for he was the person that gave that man the ice cream when he was young…

Merry Christmas


Passover: Egyptian


I was about to drink water, until I noticed it was red. Now what water will Egypt drink? I went to the Pharaoh and asked him why the water is changed its color. Its about this Hebrew named ‘Moses’, he want to free the Israelites, I’m sure he was prince of Egypt once… I told the Pharaoh that his people will thirst to death, but he didn’t care. I’m now writing this with my tongue dry and death to be near. Especially with the heat, my people and I need water.


Horror: STORY 1

I’m sorry I cant start the story as writers usually do. The problem is that this story contains a SECRET. I will tell you the story, but I won’t use the characters ACTUAL name. I will use different names so it wont crack the person’s identity: so instead of the actual name, I will use a different name. Or, you can use YOUR names! For example if I was to say this took place in a school, you can make that school YOUR school or you can give the characters the names that YOU want. Simple right? Let me say again that the characters name or the place isn’t the REAL name.

Hmm, thinking of a name is harder than I thought. How about I call this character…Jenny! Jenny is a 12 year old girl, and she has the most biggest ears (if you’re about to say I just described the character, Jenny always covers her ears with her long black hair. So its a 99% chance you wont see her ears). Jenny ALWAYS orders pizza on the 4th of July: Pineapple pizza, Margarita, tomato pizza(no cheese), cheese burger pizza and so many others. But, this time, she thought she would get something different. She looked in the phone book with Max-Ernest and found a restaurant called ‘Ed’s Easy Diner’. Max-Ernest picked up the phone and started dialing.

After ten minutes or so, the delivery came. The money was paid and the food started to be eaten. Jenny looked out the window and saw the man who gave her the delivery…he looked suspicious. As she ate her burger, the man saw her staring at him. He opened his car door and took out…a bag of crisps?” I always eat my crisps when someone eats a burger!” she shouted out to Jenny. A little giggle came out of her mouth. They were talking for a bit until Jenny came outside. The two of them started being friends

A week passed, so Jenny and the delivery man, who’s fake name Ethan, were practically best friends. Max-Ernest always warns Jenny about Ethan but all she says is that he’s jealous that she has a best friend.

One night, Ethan rings Jenny and tells her that they have a huge party at the restaurant and that he will come pick her up at 8:30. Hours passed. It was 8:30. The door bell rang,  Jenny flew down the stairs to open the door. “Jen! Come on lets go!” examined Ethan from the mail hole. As she opened the door she said “Coming Eth,” she turned the door knob, “just give me a second!” All that was heard was after she opened the door was the sound of someone using their nails down a chalk board.

It was unknown what happened but Jenny was never found again. Oh yeah, and Max-Ernest is in a coma somehow.

Never trust strangers.

100WC #week19

“I walked slowly around the dark, cold area. I needed to clear my mind after what happened a few hours ago. They thought I was crazy, but deep inside I knew I was right. I swear I saw Him. No myth; no lie. Anyway, I heard deep breathing in the distance. I looked around. Nothing. Just the plain emptiness of nothing. Then, something grabbed me, and pulled me back. I hit my head off the cold, hard floor. I passed out and when I woke up I found my self in a room with only a chair…and that’s when, I went through the changing,” admitted Akihiro, with a surprised look an his face.