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Midnight.I was strolling down the mysterious, steep path. It was coming towards me I could hear it. It was like I had a sixth sense. The wind was howling like it was trying to warn me there’s danger. Petrified, terrified, scared, I was walking faster and faster. My school ‘trip’ turned up to be a complete nightmare. I was breathing heavily and I had a  glimpse at the creature it had a cloak which was like the midnight moon. I saw skulls lying beneath each tree, I smelt rotten flesh and heard footsteps. I looked back. It was there with his eyes staring at mine.

100WC#week 7

Strolling down the alley I saw it. Daring myself I took the first few steps and was just a couple of meters away from my worst nightmare. I had a peep at the first victim that went inside but he didn’t walk out. I had a sea of emotions floating in my head. “Shall I do it or not?” that was the question. Frightened, terrified, worried I closed my eyes and went inside. I could not believe the smell. I found myself in my nightmare, it was everywhere. Running ferociously, I opened my eyes. I stood in the middle of the cheese cottage.