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Have you ever wandered what happened underneath us – in the sewers? green pipes cover the whole place. Its complete darkness and if you could look carefully you could see shapes of different animals in the river of wastes. It is a place that is lonely full of misery. You think that crocodiles swam in the nasty river. 200 years ago horses used to gallop on the side path not knowing what was going to come up next. Everyone used to keep away from there. They knew what had once happened to someone who went inside. He was never seen again. But now people go there to explore it.


Everyone knows about the `luxurious` sofa. It was owned by a billionaire, yet no one knew the true story except from me- Dawid. In the middle stood a house( actually a mansion), one man lived there. He had no family except from his pet, fluffy, a rabbit. While the man sat on the couch, he heard whirling noises outside. In front of him was a gigantic tornado. The man died brutally. Next day, the only thing that remained was the cozy couch and the rabbit lay still on the couch. No one knew what happened. I was his new neighbour.

The note chapter 1

It was the most dreadful day in my life everything was going wrong. I went to detention and got sent home because I started talking, at detention, to Michael (my friend who got me all in this mess). I couldn`t believe it. It was all his fault not mine! As I exited the school It was pitch black. The only thing I saw was one lamp post in the middle of the street. I started to speed up. My walking turned to running.


As Harry treaded down the side walk he had a short glimpse at a mysterious person, which he found strange. Despite the fact he was going to be extremly late home he went in the same direction as the strange man. All of a sudden, the man stopped next to two homeless people lying down on the dirty,damp piece of spruce wood. The man took out out some sort of golden necklace. Soon after he wanted to hypnotise them, as he started they fell asleep. When they woke up they had green eyes and started walking around the city. The modern World War 3 begun.


Today was the day. As I sat on the rusty, old chair I couldn’t wait till the first star lit up in the clear sky. It was my favourite celebration. Out of nowhere, I had a glimpse of a light that shone in the sky. As soon as that happened I heard a knock on the door. Nervous, excited, happy, Santa entered the house and done the same things as usual: sat on the chair; asked us if we were good and then gave out the presents. As soon as I opened mine, something strange and red looked at me with a ominous smile.


It was quiet, too quiet. I could hear a pin drop. Out of nowhere I saw a gloomy shadow illuminating the darkness. It gave me chills at the back of my neck.I started walking slower and slower until I stopped to a halt. I saw it again. My stone heart started to break yet I had to escape. I turned my body sideways and it wasn’t there. I felt relief for a brief moment but when I turned around I could see his ominous smile looking at me; there was no escape. It was the end.


He was shocked to find a to find a gorgeous golden cat which lay sweetly on the floor. “Get him away from me now, he demanded!”
“Yes sir!” Nervous, furious, scared, Lord Nulth demanded this to his robots.”Do what you want with him! He’s useless to me.” As they took him down the steep stairs the monkeys decided to kill him. After that one of the monkeys dropped the sack and the cat escaped. All off a sudden they saw how the cat jumped out of the window and the monkeys lost their vision of him yet the cat survived and who knows what he did?

prompt:”Run! Run for your life!”

Walking anxiously, I looked at the beautiful golden walls. I knew my only reason being here is to find treasure and I couldn’t waste time. My mind was a ocean with questions such as: Am I going to die? (I hope not). I thought of my family I have to do it for them other wise they will starve death. I saw a quick glimpse of light shining through the roof and i started to believe in myself, I can do it.I ran quicker and i saw a golden statue. It was the treasure. I ran to it and grabbed it as soon as I did it meanwhile ground shook like an earthquake. I started to make a run for it. My heart was pounding like a lion racing through the jungle. I saw the exit and i thought I was saved but the mountain was getting destroyed and falling into the ocean. I then heard an engine. It was the helicopter. I jumped onto it and i was saved (including my family). I am such a risk taker.


Today was the day. I got a yellow letter saying that my country needs me. Without thinking I packed my colossal baggage and made my way to the green, jeep. I had a glimpse at my parents they had an ocean of tears flowing down their cheeks. Worried, heartbroken, mournful, I heared my parents shouting to me: “We will remember you , Jim!” I got in and saw men from other parts of UK looking depressed and worried. Was it that bad? We rode through Manchester, which was in the middle of UK . All of a sudden the jeep stopped. After they my life changed forever.


Midnight. William and his friends were strolling down the pathway. It was dead silent you could even hear a pin drop. Scared, petrified, shocked, they heared something shivering in the pitch black alleyway in front of them. They started moving the opposite way but it was no use. You could feel you will never loose him you could see the beasts shadow in every alley. It was no use but to run. They started running. Running furiously, they stoped and realised they lost it they looked back and saw a figure with horns on the head and huge wing. It was the end.