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Rapid Runners

There was a boy called Drake and he was  the fastest runner in the whole school but he was not the only one. There was also a girl called Elsa and she was also fast. Excitedly, there was going to be an Olympics running race. Drake and Elsa were very excited but they hoped they didn’t have to race each other. It came to the day. Unfortunately, Elsa and Drake were nervous because they don’t want to verse each other.Sadly, Elsa and Drake had to verse each other. The race began. As he started they cheered and cheered Drake tripped and Elsa won. Drake was devastated.

A funny christmas

It was Christmas and I was really excited. There was a box on the floor but I wasn’t sure if it  was one of my brothers tricks or a normal present because my brother Dave always pulls pranks on me. There was only one way to find out. I opened the box and in side was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. They were gigantic underwear “yuck”. My mum Kate had just come back and she looked strange to me. She started laughing so hard that her face turned red. I was confused but I remember when my face turned red when I was feeling nervous.

LOST – 100wc

Me and my parents were going on a holiday , a SHIP holiday. We traveled by plane and i knew it was going to take 24 hours. Awaking zonked,we arrived at the ship which they call  Argosy. My mum checked the time and it was precisely 11:10am.  We got on the ship and it started moving along the cobalt attractive sea. Suddenly, the waves started moving unexpectedly. I was feeling frightened so i held my mums hand very stiff.When The boat started moving wildly; when the boat crashed into a solid rock; when the boat began to sink down, then I knew my life was over.

100 wc

He was shocked to find a little lonely child in the sack. The child ripped the bag open with his sharp nails and ran off like Usain Bolt. “After that child!” he bellowed. Running rapidly, he saw the most disturbing thing in his whole life. The child had vanished like a secret spy but the lord of Nulth didn’t care about the child. The lord of Nulth was at the night zoo but it looked like the light zoo to him. There was green grass, different animals, a little light and much more. Vexed, resentful, aggrieved, the lord of Nulth didn’t like it at all. The Lord of Nulth and his guards wrecked the night zoo.

being frozen

One snowy day ,my sister mary didn’t come home and went missing because of the deep stormy blizzard. Scared, worried, frightened, I was hoping she would come back but it had been two days and I had to go and find her. Cold, icy, frigid, we walked and walked in the cold blizzard and I felt like I had been trapped in a freezer for millions and millions of years. As it shivered I could hardly walk on the thick snow. The snow got bigger and bigger as I walked. Suddenly I was stuck and I couldnt move my legs. “ahhhhhhhh!” the snow had covered me and I was never heard of again.