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Two children and it

Chapter 2

Frantically, I stuffed the Coco Pops in my mouth so I could help mum and dad pack up. By the time I had finished, mum and dad were busy bees around the house as they were looking for blankets and our picnic basket. Sneakily, I added my favourite chocolate bar and a big packet of skittles. We all checked we had everything so we could leave the house. Mum gasped and realised what we were missing. “What kind of picnic is there with out a picnic basket”? asked mum. She quickly grabbed the picnic basket and left the house. Birds were choirs of angels as they sang whilst the dark clouds of the sky were slowly morphing into a bright field of blue flowers. Glancing behind as I walked, I suddenly saw a man following us. I wondered who it could be. Laura’s complaining distracted me from thinking about the man. Laura was complaining about having blisters on her feet but mum snapped back at her, saying she should have worn her socks. After that quarelling, we all walked in silence until I noticed we were at the park.

Two children and it

Chapter 1

I could not wait. I was in the kitchen, eating my breakfast with Laura whilst mum and dad were packing. The stuffy air was clinging to my face like a scared cat whilst the taste of bacon flowed through the air and into my nostrils like a river. The sun shone through the window, blinding my eyes. Today, I was going on a picnic to Central Park.

100WC week 14

Here I was. Still sitting on the rusty, old ship. My feet were ice blocks as I stared at the velvety black sky. My teeth chattered as beads of sweat dripped down my face [even though it was freezing cold]. Hands had now turned to frostbites. Now it was December. My favourite month of the year, but now it was my enemy. Home. That was all I could think of. My family probably would be preparing for an elated christmas. I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye but what? I looked up and saw it.

100WC WEEK 13

When you hear the screams of pain;when you hear the eerie silence dephning; when you feel the gentle shadow, brushing against your pale cheek,then you know that my loving mother has come. I was walking through Wolves Lane Cemetery, passing the lonely graves.Crazily,my heart hammered as I had reached her grave but as the leaves rustled, a figure arose. Who was it? I wondered. Was this my mother I saw before me? It was. She smiled at me,as happy as a lark she was.”I am proud of what you have done for me Lillie.” She slowly morphed back into the stagnant air.

100wc week9

David was with his gang from school. They were exploring the extraordinary park. The trees were whispering in the breeze whilst the sun beamed upon his face, blinding his eyes. They were always causing trouble around the area. It was either vandalism or litter.  What was that? David heard a rustle in the bushes as it shook. Scared, amused, bewildered, an amazing creature appeared from the bushes. Suddenly, as it shivered, they walked back. It slowly began to grow like a balloon. That was when they were stunned with astonishment. The creature started to walk towards them as they walked back. They turned around and ran.


 The 5Ks are: Kesh, Kangha,Kara,Kachera and Kirpan. Kesh is when a Sikh has uncut hair. They never cut their hair and it does not touch the ground. They grow their eyebrows to a certain length. This is why they were turbans. Kangha is a small wooden comb. Sikhs use the comb twice a day to keep their hair in place. A Kara is a iron or steel bracelet. It is worn on the right arm and is used to make sure the Sikh disciple does Gods work and that person must carry out true and righteous deeds.

 The Kacchera is a undergarment which was give by a gift of love from Guru. They were all worn by Sikhs, initiated into the Khalsa. A Kipan is a small dagger. It is a ceremonial dagger held by baptized Sikhs. It was a religious commandment give by Guru. The daggers place of origin is Punjab.

In the Catholic faith, we have symbols too. I will explain the five most important symbols that are important to me. The Baptismal Candle symbolises a baptized person in the light of Christ so, the newborn begins their new life in christ. The Oil of Chrism symbolizes the sealing of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Oil of Catechumens gives the newborn new strength to turn away from evil, temptation and sin. The Holy Water washes away original sin which came from Adam and Eve. Original sin came from Adam and Eve when they ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, the Garden of Eden. The White Garment represents being clothed in christ’ love and they are in the pure eyes of God.

In this paragraph, I will be explaining about the similarities about the Sikh faith and the Catholic faith. In the Sikh religion, they have a holy book called Guru Granth Sahib and the catholic faith has a holy book, called the Bible. The catholic faith have got a place where they baptized the baby, which is a church. The Sikh religion also have a place where they have their Amrit ceremony which is called a Gurdwara.

During the Amrit ceremony, hymns are repeated from the Sikh scripture and prayers are said. When the Amrit is prepared, it is a mixture of sugar and water, which is stirred with a double-edged sword. They then recite the Mool Mantra. After readings are read, they end the ceremony with the ceremonial Karah Purshad.

Parshad is a type of sweet tasting food which is made with semolina, sugar and ghee. What the Sikhs promise to do is that they have to make commitment, understanding and self-dicipline. The person becomes a Sikh when they are a baby.