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100wc week25

I swam to the end of the finish line with the unusual green horse. I could hear loud roars across the stadium, fans cheering and waving flags. The only thing I could hear was my name- Beverly. Carefully, I came out of the swimming pool with the press asking me questions like ‘ How do you feel’. I couldn’t tell them. I just couldn’t. My mouth opened. Then  it closed. It opened again. It was like a fish in the sea. Then I said it. I couldn’t believe it. There was a loud gasp in the room. My career was over.

100WC WEEK 24

I was lucky that day. The day when all the passengers on the plane-including me- nearly died. I was only ten years old yet, my life has barely begun. I was sitting in the plane near the window with my mum sitting next to me. I was still waiting for them to serve the food. I was starving. Finally, they had gave me the food.Greedily, I ate all my food like a greedy gorrila. Mum stared at me as my cheeks were stuffed with alot of food. And then when I looked out the plane window, I saw it. IT!!

Two children and it

Chapter 5

 Walking happily, we strolled back home in a good mood. I was already tired after my busy day and the amazing creature Laura and I saw. Eventually, we got home. Speedily, I jumped into the bath. As we were coming near home, it started to get a bit chilly but now, I was having a nice hot bath. Coming out of the bath, I slipped on my pyjamas. I jumped into bed without saying goodnight. Thinking about earlier on, I thought it was a magical experience to see a creature that gives wishes. Hopefully, we were going to the park so I could receive my wish.

Frightened, tired,exhausted, I woke up from my slumber. It was 12:05. That was a good time to wake up. I started to think about what the Psammead said. “Hello. I’m a Psammead. I will grant you one wish per day. What is your wish?” One wish per day? Maybe I could make my wish now. “I wish I could be in the most petrifying movie ever!!”

100WC WEEK 22

Whilst I was at home doing my homework, I listened to the soothing melodies of music on my ear phones. I heard someone knock on the door. “Come in.” I answered  ” Hi Emma. Would you like a chocolate.” Mum knew the answer. She threw the chocolate  at me.  As I stared at the wrapper, I realised I had never seen this wrapper before.  I licked the chocolate. But it tasted different. Wait a minute, but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper. What kind of sweetness was it? Sweetness with a hint of kindness, or sweetness with a lot of evil?

100WC WEEK 17

I was walking down the long, windy road. My friend abandoned me. Leah said she had to go to football but someone had told me she went to the cinema. My face was like a glum flower drooping. The light was SO bright that it nearly could have blinded me. Thinking carefully, I thought where should I go. Should I go left- no straight on-  I give up. I had finally got home. All of a sudden, ” My eyes hurt, I can’t see!” “Calm down Anna. Im going to call the ambulance” replied her mther. That was when I knew that I was blind.

100WC WEEK 17

The chair. I stared at it as long as I could. People said I should never go near it. Everyone else could, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure why. People always stare at me whenever I’m near it.  My eyes fell on it so many times. I just couldn’t resist it. It’s colour faded but I always wondered, ‘was it because of me?’  The wind blew on my face with the leaves rustling and flying. Sauntering, I went to the bench, stared at it again, then sat on it.  Then I knew why I was never allowed to sit on it.

100wc week#21

There I was. Standing infront of her grave. My mother’s grave. She always said I made her feel happy at miserable times. My mother was like my rock. I remember the day she died. I never knew he could kill her. The knife gleamed in the light. My father slowly pushed it down into my mothers body. He grinned at me but I did not smile back. After, the silence was deafening. There was silence in my room. Silence in my life. I started my journey home. Then, I could feel something pierce through me. I swiveled round, and there was my mother.

100WC WEEK 19

There it was. It was like the road was everlasting. It seemed like I was going in circles. Nervously, I looked at the bright light, trying to see if it could guide me. The trees’ leaves whispered in the breeze. My hands trembled in the coldness of the night. As I walked down the long, windy road, I saw something. The figure slowly faded away when I rubbed my eyes. I thought I was just imagining things but then it came back. It looked like someone I knew. Someone I loved so much. Then I realised it was my loving mother.

100WC WEEK 16

It was New Years Eve. Everyone was happy as it was only 11:45pm. There was a buzz of chattering despite the fact Mark was in the cold,windy weather. People were glancing back to check the time on the wall. Some children were sleeping and others,awake, excited about the best part of it,fireworks. Now, it was 11:55pm. More children woke up as it was nearly time to start the countdown. “10…9…8…” As he started they began to join him. “7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!” people exclaimed. Mark went to hug and shake peoples hands as it was a new year to make a fresh start.

10WC week 15

The crestfallen face had turned into a joyful smile, as Jake opened his present. The bright red nose lighted up. His little brother gazed in awe. Jake looked at his strange, but special mum and gave her a hug.”Calm down Jake!” 

The nervous look on Jake’s face gave a chill down his mums warm blooded spine as he examined the small box. Lifting up the box, Jake saw his reflection in the stained glass screen. The thing that he had always wanted. That was when Jake knew that the celebration had begun. “Lets get this party started!” exclaimed Jake.