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Everlasting (My Version) Chapter 1

I placed the peanut butter sandwich on my kitchen table, I was home alone for the weekend, parents at holiday and sister at friends. I never had friends at school, actually I feared school. Bullies would pick on me and push me to the ground just to kick me and punch me. I usually end up at home with purple skin and cuts on my face. That’s not all, parents were worse, they used to beat me up if I did something slightly wrong or just for fun (my sister wasn’t very different). As I was supposed to place my sandwich in my mouth, I heard footsteps upstairs. I was pretty sure I was alone at home, so that freaked me out. I swore anyone could hear my heart thumping. I took my broom and slowly walked upstairs to investigate what was all the drama. I slowly opened the door and ,I don’t know if I was dreaming this or not, I saw someone that looked as if he was a serial killer. “Gasp! ” I dropped the broom and slipped on it badly hurting my head. I ran for all I could do. I ran to the forest because it’s the only place I knew I felt safe in, but something was different about it, I saw a light which kind of looked like a portal from one of those portal games. I had no choice but to enter it. “You won’t survive, Amelia. ” I heard a voice say but who cares?! Right?! I hopped in. I tried to breath but I couldn’t, I felt like my skin was ripped apart. I knew I should of listened, but it’s worth it. At least I might go to heaven.

I felt my skin reach the cold grass, huh?! What happen there?! Wait… I survived!!! Wow, talking about trusting a serial killer. It looked like a forest, but a very dark forest. Like no other. For a while, I wandered around the the forest thinking about how I would get back. I felt tears come down my cheeks, I sat by a tree and cried. I saw a hand reach for me, I held it and it pulled me up. It was a person.. Was it?!


100wc My Ultamite Adventure

I wandered through the forest , not knowing where I was. My parents are probably aware that I’m not at home. It all started when I saw a husky then started following  it, I just couldn’t keep up with the husky. I saw the sun fall upon my eyes, everything went black.

I saw a dim light so I obviously follow it, hmm it leads to a abandoned mansion, NOT SCARED at all. I wanted to knock, but before I could raise my hand the door opened. Ha ha!! Great joke whoever you are!

I knew this was going to be My Ultimate Adventure!!!

100wc week 23

Evaline and I were the best of friends. It was the day of the Legendary Carnival, Evaline ( Eva ) and I were included. It was going to be at night because there was going to be phenomenal, beautiful firework display.

We are now on our platforms, all in beautiful dresses and facepaint. The audience  were just around the corner. Even though my platform was slow, I just couldn’t keep balance! The other platforms were just ahead of me. But as they turned the corner, people were shouting and taking photos of us, I was admired. My smile couldn’t get bigger.

Random 100wc

So there was this pipe. A very dusty pipe. A very old pipe indeed. Then there was a intelligent horse, he had glasses, a T-shirt and a cool moustache! Next to the horse‘s home, there was a deep, green swamp. The horse was so fed up with the pipe he threw it into the swamp. The horse noticed a phenomenal, beautiful butterfly on the pipe about to drown. The intelligent horse carefully picked up the butterfly. Next time he threw something away, he look at it carefully. Tutting exhaustingly, the horse collapsed on the bed and thought to himself, this was random! 

100wc week24

I would never forget yesterday. These days no one would see a random husky at your window, right? Well, let me tell you a real story about me. I was exhausted: feet on the couch, socks off, a glass of lemonade in my hands and a fan blowing at my face. I heard a knock at my window so I went to open it, then when I looked out of plane window, a glamorous, white husky appeared out of nowhere! It seemed as if it wanted to show me something. He led me to a hall with decorations everywhere. Then people jumped up and said ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ”.

The Seer Episode 2

He held me tight on the face. ” Can I trust you to keep quiet? “, I nodded slightly, ” If you think being such a scared woman will help, well it won’t ! “. My heart was thumping, I thought he heard it but he probably ignored it. ” Wear this Talisman, it will protect you for the time being. Now go and hide in the cupboard or something! “. He was really freaking me now, I hid in the cupboard as told, ” You know what? This is all probably a dream and you’re just a vision of my mind. “. The window swooped open. Where was that guy? I thought, HE’S LYING IN MY BED!!! He hid under the blanket like a maniac! From that window came in a ghost in a dark hood. ” I’m sure this is where that girl lives, maybe it’s my GPS  system broke down on the way. I should still check if for sure there is nothing in here. ” The ‘ghost’ started checking my room, then he went to my bed I knew that freaky guy was up to something…

” Oh no, it just had to be this guy. “, I think he knows this freaky guy. He jumped out of the bed and held his knife up to him. ” This ends here, your master Old Zalgo won’t be looking for her now! He he, you know, we have our jobs as well, so you know how it’s going to end… ” He held out his knife and- I didn’t dare to look. ” All done, nothing to worry about, it was just one of Zalgo’s filthy servants. “.

” Who’s Zalgo? “, I asked,

” Sorry girl, I have no time to explain, gotta get back to my base or my boss will seriously beat me up! “.

I’m afraid that’s a little too late for that… “

100wc week23

The men took the furniture out of the building while I stood there with my tissue. It was my favourite space where I spent time with my father. Recently, he died in a car crash. He would tell stories about the mythical place of Wonder. In that forest where many creatures: pixies, fairies, dragons and even mermaids that sung phenomenal songs. I still have those memories now, when I’m older. I will have to leave this house to move into town where the rest of my family live. I guess it’s a goodbye to my friendly home and of course, to my father’s soul who lays in that furniture.

week 22# 100wc

I entered the wonderful wonderland of yummy sweets awaiting to be eaten. I saw the most golden, shiny, tasty sweet of all. Toffee 2.0. One of the most incredible sweets on earth, tasted it and it was delicious. On the other side of the scrumptious world was a poisonous sweet which no one dared to eat. I still wanted to see it. I approached the sweet carefully, what could a little sweet do to me? Anxiously, I took the sweet from the tree and read the ingredients: Milk, Sugar, Eggs, Cocoa and Orange. Hmm. Its just a normal sweet, maybe that’s the problem, but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper. 

How do Jews celebrate the Passover?

Passover is both the most-celebrated Jewish holiday of the year and the holiday voted most likely to elicit a groan. People groan when they consider Passover’s dietary requirements. They groan when they think of all the preparations. They even groan when they remember how much they overate during Passover last year.

But the real irony behind the moaning, groaning, and kvetching is that in some ways this is exactly what you’re supposed to feel at this time of year. Passover is a celebration of spring, of birth and rebirth, of a journey from slavery to freedom, and of taking responsibility for yourself, the community, and the world. However, strangely enough, none of this taking of responsibility gets done without groaning. It was with groaning that the Hebrews expressed the pain of their ancient enslavement in Egypt more than 3,300 years ago. It was with groaning that they called attention to their plight.

The Torah states that Jews are to observe Passover for seven days, beginning on the 15th of the Jewish month Nisan (usually in April). The first night always includes a special seder (ritual dinner). Plus, traditional Jews outside of Israel don’t work on either the first two or the last two days of the seven-day period. Outside of Israel, Jews celebrate a second seder on the second night of Passover.

You can think of Passover as honoring the renewal of the sun (it’s always on the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox), or a time to step firmly into springtime. You can also think of Passover as celebrating the Jewish people’s “birth certificate” and “Declaration of Independence.” Or you can think of it as memorializing something that God did for the Jews 3,300 years ago.


Korbin wandered through the spine-chilling cave. Getting lost, Korbin glanced at a light coming towards her. The light was SO bright, she felt like the sun was right in front of her. The light invaded the caves’s darkenss and Korbin ran for her life not knowing what came before her. Despite all the brightness, Korbin realised a shadow coming towards her. Staring into the shadow, Korbin knew what it was. There it was- her pet dog Crystal! ” Crystal- wait, how did you get here- any ways, you’re a great dog. ” Cried Korbin excitedly as she came out of the spine- chilling cave, which had no harm.