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100WC #18

I was walking into a new  burger place in town; apparently (according to my friends) they were the best of the best. They had everything; there were loads of televisions everywhere and Ipads were built into the walls as menu’s at every table. I had to order their one time offer the ULTIMATE BURGER. It has everything in it, like onions, tomatoes, cheese pasta and other things. Once it had arrived at my table I picked it up and took a great big bite out of the burger; what was that I could feel? Was it chilly burning my tounge?

100wc #16

Strolling casually, a boy: with piercing grey eyes; hazelnut hair;  and a knife in his hand ready to throw as he followed his father through the forest is search of game. His father hid from a group of deer and readied his bow. He reached backwards and grabbed an arrow from his quiver.  He eyed the deer. He heard a branch snap, as he started they ran, so the boy hurled his knife, slicing through a deer’s eye; leaving no mark on the flesh. His father shot another. One to sell at the Hob (the black market) and the other for their meal that month.

100wc #15

As nervous as ever, I opened my Christmas presents; wondering about them. It wouldn’t be as good as last night’s experience! Well… you are probably wondering what happened aren’t you? Yes!!! After the Christmas celebration everyone was conked. But, I was woken by a tumultuous uproar; it was coming from the roof. I thought it just birds, but then, a strange thud was heard and suddenly a very plump man wearing red and a badge with ST NICHOLAS / SANTA CLAUS / FATHER CHRISTMAS. I was dumfounded by the large silhouette that seemed to be the man who gave me most of my presents.

Kingdom Come, Chapter 2, Prison

I woke in my cell, the sound of fire crackling still haunting me. Suddenly, I heard the jingle of keys, then I saw him. A heavily armoured guard with two swords, two daggers, a shotgun, a rifle and a giant pistol pointed at my face. He knelt down and unlocked a tiny corner and slid in the food. Then backed away as fast as he could. Ha, everyone is scared of me and I have done nothing! I grabbed the bread to wolf it down, but then, something clattered to the ground. It was a peice of paper, surely something like that couldn’t make such noise?

I picked up the peice of paper to investigate. Fiddling furiously with the paper, then, I felt a cold distinct shape of a key. As I slowly unfolded the paper I saw some messy writing, then the key dropped out onto my hand. I read the letter:

To Corvo,

The key should fit perfectly into the lock. But, you must sneak past guards, whichever way you go. The sewers I recommend, they are the safest option. At the end of the hall there is a weapon box, it should be containing all your weapons: the crossbow; the finest Cutlass ever made (the blade comes out of the handle, you’ll figure out how to use it. Your Rapier was destroyed); your double barreled revolver.

Yours sincerely Anonymous

P.S. Don’t get caught the punishment is brutal.

OK, so they said the key should fit perfectly and my weapons should be in the weapon box and I guess I will be going to the sewers. I entered the key into the lock and it slotted in perfectly. I turned it and exited the cell. I stealthily crept over to the weapon box and took back the weapons that were rightfully mine, I also took some medical kits because you never know what mess you could get into. Suddenly a guard came out of nowhere so I subdued him; eventually I decided I could put him in the weapon box. As I did so I accidentally impaled him on a sword that was left pointing upwards. I left immediately keeping to the shadows as I headed towards the security room. I stopped infront of the door, frozen with my leg in the air, I just spotted the beer bottle on the floor; if I had stepped on that they would definitely know I was out. Then, a brain-wave flushed through my mind, I could take the bottle and throw it through a window to distract the security guard. I cautiously opened the door and threw the bottle. The guard rushed over to the window inspecting the glass. Now was my chance, I ran over and hacked the main control computer. Suddenly, the security man turned around and I pointed the handle of the Cutlass at the guard,but then, I remembered what the letter had said: You’ll figure out how to use it. At that moment the blade flew out and injected itself into the guard’s neck. I tugged the sword out of his neck and he dropped limply to the floor. I ran for a door that was: sickly looking; mouldy and grimy; battered and scratched. I ran for it, hoping it would be for the sewers. I opened the door and a disgusting stench filled the already polluted air.

The time had come, to enter the sewers!

100WC #14

When you hear gulls cawing; when you are bouncing around on your bed (well at least you think it is your bed); when the crying of orders comes from a man that probably knows what he is doing, then you know you’ve been abducted by pirates. But, things where not all like that for Jenny, well… she was with pirates, but for a good reason. She strutted up onto deck, casually expecting to see her friends, she did, but not how she wanted. They were injured, badly. She turned to see her ship in ruins then she remembered how it all happened.

100wc #13

When you hear the leaves crunching; when you catch a glimpse of an animal; when your friends prepare a bow to fire, then you know you are going to have a kill. I reached out for my bow behind me and grabbed it with two hands, then reached for an arrow, but there were none left. I had wasted them all trying to kill something. I left but soon I got lonely. I started to head back to the others but as the leaves rustled behind me. I turned and an ominous man pointed a gun at my face, then. BANG!

Kingdom Come, Chapter 1, The Arrival

I woke on a boat and looked around, then I remembered where I was. I was on a boat to the crazy castle of the west, which was the main foundation of our country, the backbone of England, I looked ahead and I could see the castle itself looming in the distance.

The journey was long and slow. We bumped, juddered and bounced around on the rough, polluted river. Green clouds rose from the depths of the river and I stood back, seeing a dark, eerie shadow deep in the water. We soon reached the docks and vacated the boat. I ran passing some broken pillars. I met my daughter half way to the temple I was to meet my wife in. Running rapidly, I followed my daughter to the chapel on the hill. I reached the temple with some busted lungs and a sore gut. My wife was delighted to see me at least. Suddenly, ninjas appeared floating above the rooftops. They ran, one grabbed my daughter and disintegrated into thin air. Another ran up and stabbed my wife in the throat and hurled her onto the rocks below. It couldn’t get any worse! I waited for one to run up and run me through but as his sword drew close the Guards came rushing towards us and he disintergrated as well.

I ran down to the docks and got the boat I arrived in. My mission set in my mind was to find my wife, dead or alive. Soon I found her impaled on a sharp rock, barely alive, but still breathing.”You must find our daughter,” she rasped, “they will be heading to another kingdom, Kingdom Come. I am working with others.” she wheezed, “they will help you get out of prison if the guards arrest you for my death.” At that moment, the life slid off her face and it looked as if it just floated away on the sea’s soft current. There was silence. Eventually that silence was broken with a hum of an engine. It was the guards. They had come to take me away. I was dragged onto a boat where they whipped me with a Cat o’ Nine Tails until we got to the prison.

They burned me with torches until I spoke. My lips wouldn’t budge to let any words out. I soon fainted. Great. I was unconscious, they could do anything with me now.

100WC #12-The Night Zoo Keeper

He was shocked to find the most colourful and imaginative creature that could’ve ever existed. It had beautiful wings covered with metallic rainbow colours and a giant horn covering it’s forehead. The creature extended itself until it reached the balcony of the deep, eerie basement. “My name is Rainbow, king of the fairys, not just a, THING!” the creature stated. Rainbow shortened himself and stood up on the balcony. His chest shimmered, despite the darkness in the gloomy basement. Suddenly, he dived down lugging Lord of Nulth’ with his fist. The ‘Lord‘ disintegrated and his army crumbled. Everything returned to normal.

100wc #11 Prompt:…Remember…(also a picture of the poppys)

Dear Diary,

Today I woke from my slumber at seven in the morning, I was going to visit the poppy’s with my mother. Dragging my feet drowsily I got changed and went downstairs and I found my mum in the sittingroom waiting for me so we could see the poppy’s.

Once we had arrived, there was barely anyone there at the tower of London to see the poppy’s. “Don’t forget that you are here to remember all those fallen soilders!” were the first words that came out of my mother’s mouth. That night I wondered what’ll happen tomorrow, who knows?

100wc #10 Prompt:…as it shivered, they…

The MI6 men marched towards Paul the terrible terror. He was enclosed in an ice cell, as it shivered, they drew their AK47’s and backed away from it. For some reason the creature was angrier than usual. So it charged through the ice wall, heading straight for them.

They hid from Paul, but then, they saw the evil monster heading for civilisation. Immediately the men jumped out to stop it. They called a thicker ice cell to fall on the beast just at the right moment and the cell encaged the monster. They pushed the cage and it was gone.