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Kingdom Come, Chapter 5, The Outsider

Just a few minutes earlier, I had come up here into my new bedroom to have a rest – which soon turned into a deep sleep and now I am awake again. “Uuuggghhhhh,” I groaned as I sat up on my bed. Wobbling through the doorway, I almost fell into a white abyss – this isn’t real, is it? Soon, I came to a stone stairwell, like the ones on the street. I clambered up the narrow, crooked stairs to find a figure clothed in black smoke. “I am The Outsider,” the human thing boomed “I shall give you this gift” and he opened his hand. I took a quick glance at his hand. Nothing. There was nothing in this hand. A burning sensation flew around on the back of my left hand. I looked at it. A weird type of tattoo formed on my hand.” This shall give you the power to teleport from one place to another. Beware, you can only travel short distances when you use this and you can also use it to climb ledges that are too far to reach. I have now prepared a test to see if you are worthy of this power. At the end of this, you shall receive a rune that bears my mark and with these you can upgrade and learn new powers. I shall see you soon in death or at the end of this test. Now go!

Running, I found an island suspended by The Outsider’s power. I clench my marked fist and focused on the island. I heard a ‘WOOSH’ and a strong breeze blew through my hair. I did it! I made it onto the island. Every island I got onto I found elixirs and good stuff like that. Finally, I reached the end, thick black smoke floated around an item made of bone that glowed purple. I took it. I felt a surge of power whizz through me. I checked my hand – the mark was still there. Oh no, this is real…

100wc #28

“Hello Sarah!”

“Hi Jonathan!,” chirped Sarah excitedly, “how have you been since I saw you last?”

“I’ve been well thank you.” Wandering along Blackpool peir, the young lovebirds held each other’s hands. They came to a railing so they leant against it and stood in silence watching the sun set as the water rippled beneath it. For many minutes no – one spoke. To tear the silence apart, Jonathan leaned over and kissed Sarah on the cheek. She turned stroking her dog with tears streaming down her face.”I don’t want you to go to war!” she wept.”I must go Sarah, I must fight for our country…”

100wc #25

The small bee flew around the towering horse carefully making sure it was not disturbing it. It looked around and saw the horses stable by some lush, green white rose bush. Eventually, the horse saw him and he was chased him to the stables. The bee flew high out of reach into a pipe of gushing water and soon swam over to the drain. He was washed down to a small opening. He buzzed out and groaned. Flying, the bee found the wretched horse that nearly killed him, even though if he stung it, it would kill him. But, it would be worth it…

100wc #24

It was the big day! We were moving from Wales to Toronto in just a couple of hours. Until then we have to wait for the gate to open. It could take a while browsing through the shops – especially if they sell little-big planet stuff. Oh wait, I’ve just remembered if Mum buys me nice things I’ll have to buy her perfume when we get to Toronto. Finally, time to board the plane. Takeoff; WOOHOO! I looked at my mum and smiled, then when I looked out of the plane window, I saw the sea glisten below, a tear trickled down my face, then I knew I’d miss this place.

100wc #22

In 2007 a boy called James made a promise to his mother that he would not eat any thing that had ‘sweet’ written on it and he used this promise against his mother because the brand of her favourite fruits were called ‘them sweet fruits’ so he didn’t have to eat the fruit. So when his mother asked him, “Why didn’t you eat your fruit? You should have!” the boy replied saying, “But it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper; don’t you remember I made that promise?” James’ mother was furious. “No ‘sweets’ for the rest of the month,” she snapped, “And that’s final!”

100wc #17

I woke on a bed in an eerie room with an ice cold fever. I don’t know what happened or where I am. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t – either my bones were all broken or I was locked on to my bed. I heard a cackle of laughter and a light flicked on. Gosh, I could barely see the light was SO bright – why would someone do that? Looking around, I saw the door and above it was written: DEATH CHAMBER. Then, I saw a Mini Uzi pointed at my head through a hole in the door. BANG!!!!

Kingdom Come, Chapter 4, The Bull Pitt’s Pub

I could see the sun glistening outside the exit, I was so close; I could just make a run for it. No. I was slapped back to reality when I heard the squeaking of the rats below they smelt my blood, and I knew it. Then, it struck me. I could use the rat I had found on that bin-grill. Pulling the rat out of my coat pocket, I witnessed one of the the worst things ever. How they dispose of bodies. A conveyor belt disposes of bodies into a little box in the middle of the opening and all the rats rushed forward to eat it. I recognised the face. It was the security guard that was in the control room. I could see his sticky blood splattered across his face and I saw a rat licking a shining, crimson blotch on his forehead. Now was my chance. I slipped between the bars and ran. Some rats followed; but I ignored them. There were some stray rats that didn’t know what to do. So, I scooped them up and scrambled out of the hole. Despite all the nibbling, I managed to only drop three. My suspicions were right, there was a guard guarding  the sewers. I chucked the rats at him and bolted. Chuckling to myself, I remembered who would always stay loyal to me. Charlie. That ragged boatman is probably waiting for me, so I quickened my pace. As soon as I reached the docks, all I had to do was turn my head to the right and I had found him.”Charlie, my good man. You’re here!”                                                                                                                       “Yes! I wouldn’t miss you for the world! Now hop in.”

The boat BUZZED around in the water until a small dock came into sight. There was a big tower to the left of the docks. The building infront was labeled The Bull Pitt’s Pub – back entrance. Then to the right there was a factory like building. I rushed out of the boat and crashed into the pub and demanded a beer.”Corvo!..” A thick, jolly voice boomed. It was Admiral Kenneth. He must have sent the note because the dungeons were his domain of the island. I smiled and sighed. I had missed this guy…

Kingdom Come, Chapter 3, The Sewer

Tugging open the door; a raging mottled skinned creature hurled me backwards, into the corridor. Immediately my plans were ruined and re-inforcements were coming. More zombie-like creatures came hurtling towards me; so did the guards. When they collided I could sneak away to the sewers and they would have a fully fledged fight on their hands and surely wouldn’t be able to follow me.

As a guard aligned his sword to meet my chest, I ducked and the sword ran through one of the un-dead’s heads. Now was my chance! I ran for the sewer door, swerving past members of the two armies; my attackers. Reaching the door I barged it open, revealing the murky, grimy water. I was overwhelmed by the stench of the sewers, feeling wheezy I started to droop; swaying from side to side I could feel myself edging ever closer to the sewage water. Suddenly, I was slapped back to reality; literally. One of the mottled skinned freaks had slapped me. Then I heard a faint battle cry and turned to see another guard charging at me; then I had an idea. When the guard was only a few paces away I grabbed the creature and thrust it infront of me. So, when the guard swung his sword it split the creature in two. It’s blood spurted over us both and the unfortunate guard got a mouthful of it and dropped dead on the spot; okay, well that is a good thing to remember: when I am fighting those monsters, keep my mouth closed.

I continued along the ragged walkway following the misty water. Soon, I came to a dustbin that was set alight with a grill over it and a perfectly cooked rat lay on the grill. I took it to save it for later if worst came to worst. I continued on to find a box of supplies; I grabbed some spare amunition and headed on. There were crates in the way of the gates, so I couldn’t pass to get through. Through the corner of my eye I saw a bend in the bars above the gateway. There was no way I could reach it by climbing – I’d just keep sliding down the poles that were incorporated into the gate. The boxes could form some steps, but there was still a way to go before the bars. I know! I can use the wall to propell myself to the bend in the bars. I darted up the boxes and sprung off the wall and caught a bent bar. With what seemed like all of my strength I managed to hoist myself up onto a wooden platform above the tunnel where I could see everything. Suddenly, I heard two voices I lay down on the platform, out of sight. I took a slight peek over the platform and saw two pheasants and an army of rats behind them. They were taking a rest for way to long. Before they knew it they were a pile of bones. I looked up above the rats and saw it! The way out!

100wc #23

There is only one place I like to go to relax where I know I won’t be bothered by anyone. My cat – Nova – will tag along and will have perched himself next to where I like to sit. I love to read my book there and listen to the sounds of the woods if I don’t feel like reading. It is right by my wood cabin on the edge of the woods. I bring visitors there so they can feel the nature surrounding them and filling their lungs with fresh air. This is the stone sette that sits by my cabin.

100wc #20

It was an early Sunday morning and I was getting ready for a big day ahead. My birthday!! We were going on a safari in Africa. I was just packing my sandwiches for the journey. Sadly, my miserable little brother was coming. But to that downside was an upside. My crazy grandad – that has silvery grey hair- is coming as well. On the plane to Africa I looked out of the window and saw some mountains that would be perfect to climb. I just hope we see some great big Hyenas on the safari because they are my favourite animals.