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100 words challenge

Bored, uninterested and tired as her mom rambled on about not opening the door to strangers and not leaving the house while she was at work; Danny’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a shadow in the corner of her living room.

Puzzled and intrigued, she checked it out. In the corner of the room she found a treasure map. “X marks the spot! ” she grinned.

She left the house and set off to find the hidden treasure.

Although, her mother told her not to leave the house she knew she’d get back in time… Or at least she thought.

“Dead meat” she said as she looked at her watch!

Treasure or failure

Four months ago the ‘best’ thing happened. My friends called and said that they found a map. We all thought that we can be beautifully rich! So then we went. We strolled down the street looking at the map all the time(Chloe bumped her head on a pole). Confused, astonished, baffled, we stood in front of our local park. We noticed a red x on the soil. We walked up.  ” Well, X marks the spot I guess!” Chloe muttered.  We dug around for a bit and saw a small box. We opened it and you will never guess what was in it. Absolutely nothing. Well that was an hour wasted.


I met Melissa by the pond. As usual, she had Jeff (her dog) by her side. “Shall we go now?” I asked. She nodded and we went off, being swallowed by the darkness of night. When they got to the new funfair, they saw their friend, Willow. They decided to go on the roller-coaster- the best in the world. Well not for Willow, as her face turned green! After hours of endless fun they were exhausted. A man came up to them: “Would you like to try out the new roller-coaster?” They looked at each other. Uh oh.


Linda and Harry finally could go out of London.  It was the holidays. The time where they could hang around lots of different places with their dog, Lucy. This time they went to Cardiff Bay in Wales. Linda sat on the pole that stops people from falling into the water. Harry leaned against it and Lucy sat next to them. ” I wish it was like this forever. That we didn’t ever have to go to work.” she exclaimed. Then she pointed forward. ” Look at that boat! I think we should go on it.”

“That is a great idea!” he answered and they ran off.

100wc #28

“Hello Sarah!”

“Hi Jonathan!,” chirped Sarah excitedly, “how have you been since I saw you last?”

“I’ve been well thank you.” Wandering along Blackpool peir, the young lovebirds held each other’s hands. They came to a railing so they leant against it and stood in silence watching the sun set as the water rippled beneath it. For many minutes no – one spoke. To tear the silence apart, Jonathan leaned over and kissed Sarah on the cheek. She turned stroking her dog with tears streaming down her face.”I don’t want you to go to war!” she wept.”I must go Sarah, I must fight for our country…”


I know this sounds strange but aliens can be real. I think I saw a UFO. This is what happened. I was in the park playing tennis with my friend. It was a wonderful day and I was having a great time. Suddenly darkness came over the court. At first I thought it was a cloud. But then I looked up. “Hey look up. Can you see that?” I shouted at her. She simply nodded. Light was suddenly bursting out. We knew it went. Quickly we packed our stuff and ran home. I never spoke about it to anyone. Until this day. Will it come back?

100wc My Ultamite Adventure

I wandered through the forest , not knowing where I was. My parents are probably aware that I’m not at home. It all started when I saw a husky then started following  it, I just couldn’t keep up with the husky. I saw the sun fall upon my eyes, everything went black.

I saw a dim light so I obviously follow it, hmm it leads to a abandoned mansion, NOT SCARED at all. I wanted to knock, but before I could raise my hand the door opened. Ha ha!! Great joke whoever you are!

I knew this was going to be My Ultimate Adventure!!!

100wc week 23

Evaline and I were the best of friends. It was the day of the Legendary Carnival, Evaline ( Eva ) and I were included. It was going to be at night because there was going to be phenomenal, beautiful firework display.

We are now on our platforms, all in beautiful dresses and facepaint. The audience  were just around the corner. Even though my platform was slow, I just couldn’t keep balance! The other platforms were just ahead of me. But as they turned the corner, people were shouting and taking photos of us, I was admired. My smile couldn’t get bigger.

My new disaster

A week ago was the best day of my life. I got a black horse. I loved it so much. But then I realised that it was a big problem. The day I got it was a disaster. I was riding it around my field. I realised that he needed a rest so we went next to the pipe. I heard the water gushing down. After five minutes we went again. He was extra fast. Suddenly he saw a bunch of green grass that looked like a snake. He stopped. I flew into a pond. Carefully I swam to the grass. It wasn’t the best day of my life.

100wc #25

The small bee flew around the towering horse carefully making sure it was not disturbing it. It looked around and saw the horses stable by some lush, green white rose bush. Eventually, the horse saw him and he was chased him to the stables. The bee flew high out of reach into a pipe of gushing water and soon swam over to the drain. He was washed down to a small opening. He buzzed out and groaned. Flying, the bee found the wretched horse that nearly killed him, even though if he stung it, it would kill him. But, it would be worth it…