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100WC WEEK 17

I was walking down the long, windy road. My friend abandoned me. Leah said she had to go to football but someone had told me she went to the cinema. My face was like a glum flower drooping. The light was SO bright that it nearly could have blinded me. Thinking carefully, I thought where should I go. Should I go left- no straight on-  I give up. I had finally got home. All of a sudden, ” My eyes hurt, I can’t see!” “Calm down Anna. Im going to call the ambulance” replied her mther. That was when I knew that I was blind.

Week#17 100WC

”Don’t give on me, Mcgrath!” were the last words I heard.

I found myself in a room. Mysterious. I somehow saw a door (the whole room was plain white). I opened the door: the light was SO bright! I felt the wind trying to pull me up. I was falling. It felt like I was falling forever…

”Mcgrath!” I heard in the distance, as if the wind was speaking. ”Mcgrath!” I was now in a dark and empty room, with only myself and the chair there. Something was attached to my head, it looked like a silvery bowl with wires sticking out. I felt a little zap. ”Your power is now mine, Mcgrath…”