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100wc week 25

It was deep crimson. As I was on my way home, a loud earthquake shook the ground. Then I turned around. It was a green, wobbly monster with no eyes. I carefully took my first step when suddenly, a horse, which belonged to my neighbours, stomped hard. I ran and ran for my life. When I finally reached home, I slaked the door open and hid inside. Then, I heard something dripping down the pipe. It seemed like the monster swam down the pipe. I opened the door, there was nothing at the door. Then I jumped under my bed.

100 wc. Week 16

It was deep crimson. As I was on my way to work, I had just remembered that I had left my child with the baby. As quick as I can, I ran to my house. But then, I saw a light. The light was SO bright, that it looked like fire. But as I strutted my way towards the house, the fire was gone. As I busted the door open, I couldn’t see any fire. Just then, the baby – was it two? – began crying. After that, I asked Jimmy what had happened. He kept quiet. The baby began crying. Then, I changed her…

The Swamp horse


Everything was fine and I was on my way, until there it was the merciless Green Swamp Horse, wolfing the sewage water from the pipe down its boneless throat. Carefully, I got to my feet not knowing what the horse could or would do to me. Before the Swamp Horse could run after me I swam across the murky water to the bank on the other side. As quick as a flash, I was across the river but the Swamp Horse was quick on my heels. I tried to out run the horse but it is almost impossible. Then I saw a hole, I hid. Until.

Week 23

It was a dark gloomy night. As I was walking on the pavement beside the forest, I heared a laugh. It wasn’t just any normal laugh, it was a laugh from a witch. I was a lightning as I ran as fast as I could. I had a little rest on a bench that looked like a couch and a cat on top of it. I felt something crawling on my neck. When I looked back, I saw a hand. That’s when I should have ran for my life because that’s when the witch cought me. Suddenly, the cat …

It was made of stone and now so is my heart

It was made of stone and now so is my heart.  Shocked, surprised, frozen, I stared at a stone piece of furniture. All made of stone. I realised a very dark grey (not completely black)  cat on the settee. It also was made out stone and matched the settee in colour. It looked old but maybe it was because it was stone. After every second I became hypnotised by it. Soon I sat on it and new that it was magic. Bad magic. Evil magic. Hypnotising magic. Changing hearts magic. It was made of stone and now so is my heart.


 It was the day. New year resolutions had to stay true.Mum wanted us to go to Trafalgar Square to see the fascinating fireworks. Some people said it was ridiculous.[not to mention Grandpa] . I was so thrilled.It was time to go.My big brother had been elected to pop the fireworks. As we were there my soul couldn’t stop jumping,My brother started to light the fireworks. Eventually we started to do the countdown. Everyone was smiling happily as it was time. People started to cheer while my brother was getting ready. As he started everyone looked at him nothing happened. New Year was ruined.What is wrong?