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On the run! Chapter 1

Bandana check, gun check, ready to go. Trevor raced in his spotless, shiny car towards downtown- not paying attention to what was going on around him. Gosh, that was a close call, that new car isn’t going to be new for much longer. Screech… the wheels cried in agony. Soon later, a kind of old man came out of the car. Ding dong, the bell on the door in the market whistled, then out of nowhere Trevor pulled out a gun. Pointing at the shop keeper people screamed in horror. The worker rummaged through the cash machine still searching for money to give to the theif. “That’s all I have!” shouted the unknown man “Please don’t hurt me!”  Once again the bell sang as Trevor left. He zoomed out in the distance with his engine still roaring .
Suddenly he arrived at a house. He sat on the sofa and watched TV. ” A robbery at Grounded street, the local market.” announced a news reporter.  Trevor’s mouth was wide open- eyes glued to the television. Nothing could stop him concentrating on what he heard on the TV. Nothing could make it worse, only one thing could- knock knock knock.  “Mr Williams are you there? “ someone questioned. “Open the door now or we will force it down!” the voice shouted again. Nothing happened. Bang- the door burst, wide open. Trevor was hiding behind the dusty old couch.  Endless footsteps approached, they became louder and louder. “Hands in the air!”


I met Melissa by the pond. As usual, she had Jeff (her dog) by her side. “Shall we go now?” I asked. She nodded and we went off, being swallowed by the darkness of night. When they got to the new funfair, they saw their friend, Willow. They decided to go on the roller-coaster- the best in the world. Well not for Willow, as her face turned green! After hours of endless fun they were exhausted. A man came up to them: “Would you like to try out the new roller-coaster?” They looked at each other. Uh oh.

Kingdom Come, Chapter 5, The Outsider

Just a few minutes earlier, I had come up here into my new bedroom to have a rest – which soon turned into a deep sleep and now I am awake again. “Uuuggghhhhh,” I groaned as I sat up on my bed. Wobbling through the doorway, I almost fell into a white abyss – this isn’t real, is it? Soon, I came to a stone stairwell, like the ones on the street. I clambered up the narrow, crooked stairs to find a figure clothed in black smoke. “I am The Outsider,” the human thing boomed “I shall give you this gift” and he opened his hand. I took a quick glance at his hand. Nothing. There was nothing in this hand. A burning sensation flew around on the back of my left hand. I looked at it. A weird type of tattoo formed on my hand.” This shall give you the power to teleport from one place to another. Beware, you can only travel short distances when you use this and you can also use it to climb ledges that are too far to reach. I have now prepared a test to see if you are worthy of this power. At the end of this, you shall receive a rune that bears my mark and with these you can upgrade and learn new powers. I shall see you soon in death or at the end of this test. Now go!

Running, I found an island suspended by The Outsider’s power. I clench my marked fist and focused on the island. I heard a ‘WOOSH’ and a strong breeze blew through my hair. I did it! I made it onto the island. Every island I got onto I found elixirs and good stuff like that. Finally, I reached the end, thick black smoke floated around an item made of bone that glowed purple. I took it. I felt a surge of power whizz through me. I checked my hand – the mark was still there. Oh no, this is real…


Linda and Harry finally could go out of London.  It was the holidays. The time where they could hang around lots of different places with their dog, Lucy. This time they went to Cardiff Bay in Wales. Linda sat on the pole that stops people from falling into the water. Harry leaned against it and Lucy sat next to them. ” I wish it was like this forever. That we didn’t ever have to go to work.” she exclaimed. Then she pointed forward. ” Look at that boat! I think we should go on it.”

“That is a great idea!” he answered and they ran off.

100wc #28

“Hello Sarah!”

“Hi Jonathan!,” chirped Sarah excitedly, “how have you been since I saw you last?”

“I’ve been well thank you.” Wandering along Blackpool peir, the young lovebirds held each other’s hands. They came to a railing so they leant against it and stood in silence watching the sun set as the water rippled beneath it. For many minutes no – one spoke. To tear the silence apart, Jonathan leaned over and kissed Sarah on the cheek. She turned stroking her dog with tears streaming down her face.”I don’t want you to go to war!” she wept.”I must go Sarah, I must fight for our country…”


I know this sounds strange but aliens can be real. I think I saw a UFO. This is what happened. I was in the park playing tennis with my friend. It was a wonderful day and I was having a great time. Suddenly darkness came over the court. At first I thought it was a cloud. But then I looked up. “Hey look up. Can you see that?” I shouted at her. She simply nodded. Light was suddenly bursting out. We knew it went. Quickly we packed our stuff and ran home. I never spoke about it to anyone. Until this day. Will it come back?

Calvin and Hobbes.


I wake up suddenly.

”Calvin, it was just a dream. Go back to bed.”

That was Hobbes: the same stuffed tiger I had since I was 5. He was my only true friend I ever had.

”Felt so real though.” I respond.

A spark flew and hit my cheek, I look at where it came from.

”The house is falling apart, Hobbs” I say in the most calmest voice.

Hobbes grabs my shoulder and squeezes it.

”Calvin, stop! Calvin! Calvin!! Calvin!”

The hole becomes bigger as I stare into it. Why is this happening?  I’m a grown adult. I should leave these fantasies. 

But it’s only began.

Back On Track Chapter 2: The Next Level

Finally, the day of the first match.” Yep, we’ve come a long way,” said Simon with a grin. But, now it was time to go for the win.

The referee threw the ball in the center and before we knew it the match had started. The Raging Rovers managed to get the ball first. Their leader, who is called Alfred, had the ball and swiftly ran to the goal. Luckily,our goalie was paying attention and managed to block the ball and blasted it into the crowed. Running rapidly, Alfred ran to the center and blasted it  in the goalies stomach. Alfred got sent off for that because he initially aimed for the head, but hit his stomach.

The substitute, called Jimmy, ran straight to the free kick trying to block the ball. He headered it into our goal though. Our goalie was caught off guard. 1-0 to the Raging Rovers. Again and again… 2-0.

     Half time!

By half time the Raging Rovers were winning by 5-0!!!! We knew we had to turn this around. We had a group meeting where we discussed a strategy. Once everyone was informed about the plan, they shouted GO TEAM!! We started to act as if we had never had the talk, but as soon as Jimmy got the ball we all surrounded him. Unfortunately, Jimmy never learned how to do a kick-up and eventually passed it to me. I got the ball and started to rapidly run to the goal. It was an open goal and I could shoot and score. But, my teammate was standing right next to me. I could shoot and get all of the glory or I could pass.

In the end I decided to pass. My teammate shot and scored. We knew we could win now our strategy was in play. Finally 5-5 my team and I knew we cold win the match I shot and scored. We were through to the next round.

Back On Track Chapter 1: A New Begining

” It’s all over, the bad guys are beaten, and it’s finally my day off, ” I said with a smile on my face. Tired, exhausted, zonked, as I walked out of the newly refurbished football stadium or used to be. Suddenly, rapidly running straight at me was Alex- who is my best friend- launched me up into the air and i smashed my head into the cold, concrete floor. He had just informed me that the EA were starting a new world football tournament and our team have been nominated to compete there. Amazed, excited, ready, I knew that my team and I could do it. Rapidly running, to the clubhouse I could feel how excited they’d be when I told them the news.

As I arrived at the clubhouse, late as usual for the daily meeting I kicked the oak wood door open. Everyone seemed to be down. What’s the matter I said as I grabbed a cola from the fridge and took a seat on the sofa dyed brown. They said that all of our parents had disappeared.As I told the news the hearts lifted because we had a chance to save them. But the frustration we all felt was unmeasurable.

Our team had been told to meet at the stadium tomorrow for our first football match.

Week27# 100wc

I was finally here. I was beginning my ultimate adventure. I was in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. You’re probably wondering why I’m here. I’ve come to start a life here, and shop my heart out. I ran frantically to the luxurious hotel, and made my way to the most designer shops. The  clothes that my eyes met were amazingly perfect. But this one dress was outstanding. I had a red coursage, matched with the long, red dress. This pretty, little outfit was definetly going to win me the award for best fashion designer at the model ceremony. Definetly.