TopModel Boulvevard Chapter 14


“Christy, why? What happened? Where are you going to now?

” Somewhere, but you’ll see me around. I mean, I’ll still be at the hotel, only day and night.”

The girls were gobsmacked. Christy, leaving? She was the girl that kept the city alive, and now, she was leaving?

” By career in fashion is ruined. I’m going to a training school because my injuries has caused me to perform at a lower level. I’m sorry I let you down, I love you guys!”

She showered the girls with hugs, hugs that would be the last for a very long time.

” It’s over girls, just forget about me and move on with your lives. Bye.”

Christy walked out the door and gave the girls a never ending pain that is a permanent mark on their hearts.TopModel just got duller. All these adventures that bought pleasure into the days were like the morning sunset fading away at night. Game over.

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