Everlasting (My Version) Chapter 1

I placed the peanut butter sandwich on my kitchen table, I was home alone for the weekend, parents at holiday and sister at friends. I never had friends at school, actually I feared school. Bullies would pick on me and push me to the ground just to kick me and punch me. I usually end up at home with purple skin and cuts on my face. That’s not all, parents were worse, they used to beat me up if I did something slightly wrong or just for fun (my sister wasn’t very different). As I was supposed to place my sandwich in my mouth, I heard footsteps upstairs. I was pretty sure I was alone at home, so that freaked me out. I swore anyone could hear my heart thumping. I took my broom and slowly walked upstairs to investigate what was all the drama. I slowly opened the door and ,I don’t know if I was dreaming this or not, I saw someone that looked as if he was a serial killer. “Gasp! ” I dropped the broom and slipped on it badly hurting my head. I ran for all I could do. I ran to the forest because it’s the only place I knew I felt safe in, but something was different about it, I saw a light which kind of looked like a portal from one of those portal games. I had no choice but to enter it. “You won’t survive, Amelia. ” I heard a voice say but who cares?! Right?! I hopped in. I tried to breath but I couldn’t, I felt like my skin was ripped apart. I knew I should of listened, but it’s worth it. At least I might go to heaven.

I felt my skin reach the cold grass, huh?! What happen there?! Wait… I survived!!! Wow, talking about trusting a serial killer. It looked like a forest, but a very dark forest. Like no other. For a while, I wandered around the the forest thinking about how I would get back. I felt tears come down my cheeks, I sat by a tree and cried. I saw a hand reach for me, I held it and it pulled me up. It was a person.. Was it?!


3 thoughts on “Everlasting (My Version) Chapter 1

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Amelia,
    What a story! I loved your suspense at the end when you thought that it was the serial killer. But how did you know it was a serial killer. It could’ve been a normal person. Apart from that, fantastic story.

  2. 15erica

    Wow Amelia! Your story is amazing. My favourite part was when you ran away from the serial killer! You love horror, don’t you? I can’t wait to read the other chapters! Keep up the brilliant work!


  3. 15erica

    Wow Amelia! What an amazing story, you love horror don’t you?!
    My favourite part was when you ran away from the serial killer. Keep up the brilliant work!


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