“You’re driving me up the wall!”

“it’s mine not yours!” I shouted as I snatched my phone back from my sister- Natalie. “Give it back!” she demanded in return. We were on the floor building a lego house as all of this happened. All of a sudden, it was quiet. Too quiet. “MUM!” we roared as we got onto our feet to run to our mum. We began to talk  over each other- both explaining our point of the fight when… “Stop, you’re driving me up the wall!” “What does that mean?” questioned my little sister. You stupid girl, I thought to myself, just not get myself into more trouble. About 10 minutes later we explained one by one and my sister won that round. I’m not giving up it’s only 1:0. Later that day, I was watching TV in my room when I heard quiet footsteps. “I was watching first.” I said. “Now you’re driving me up the wall.”

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