Two children and it

Chapter 5

 Walking happily, we strolled back home in a good mood. I was already tired after my busy day and the amazing creature Laura and I saw. Eventually, we got home. Speedily, I jumped into the bath. As we were coming near home, it started to get a bit chilly but now, I was having a nice hot bath. Coming out of the bath, I slipped on my pyjamas. I jumped into bed without saying goodnight. Thinking about earlier on, I thought it was a magical experience to see a creature that gives wishes. Hopefully, we were going to the park so I could receive my wish.

Frightened, tired,exhausted, I woke up from my slumber. It was 12:05. That was a good time to wake up. I started to think about what the Psammead said. “Hello. I’m a Psammead. I will grant you one wish per day. What is your wish?” One wish per day? Maybe I could make my wish now. “I wish I could be in the most petrifying movie ever!!”

One thought on “Two children and it

  1. jruddy

    Hi Beverley,
    What a great story. It’s made me think about what I would wish for if I had a chance to make one! I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
    Mr Ruddy


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