TopModel Boulvevard 7

I woke up in the night, and my eyes just couldn’t shut. I took a look at my roommates, and they were asleep. I bounced my head on my pillow, just like a rubber ball. All I could think about was the TopModel ceremony. The number one rule was that I had to bring a date. I couldn’t possibly find a date in less that 5 days! And I really wanted to make it big in this city, and win the award. Candy and Fergie were happy to help me, but time wasn’t on my side.

“Christy! Christy!”

Someone was calling my name. I eyed the corner and I saw Candy and Fergie having a midnight feast, and chatting about the big day.

“Come join us!” They pleaded friendily.

I leaped eagerly over to them and together we continued to chat about our lives in TopModel.

Morning was here. I woke up to see marshmallows on my blanket and my Bff’s on the floor. I gazed sleepily at the clock. It was nine. We’ve overslept. Note to self: never wake up in the middle of the night and turn it into a fiesta!

“Candy, Fergie, we’ve overslept, and we need to be at the Fashion Studio at nine- thirty!”

We rushed over to the bathroom to get ready, and then literally ran, fell over, and ran downstairs for some TopModel style breakfast. As I scurried downstairs, I bumped into someone.

” I’m sorry, I was in a rush…

He stared at me for about what seemed like forever…

His name was Will.

” Has anybody told you that you have pretty eyes?”

“Ummm, thank you” I stuttered as I ran off like a coward.

One thought on “TopModel Boulvevard 7

  1. 15tajay

    I like the simile you used at the start and the vocabulary you used. It really bring your work to life. I was amazed with the plot in your story. It was worth while. You made a massive improvement on this chapter. You just need to make the chapter flow a bit better. But, yet again much better. Keep up the good work.


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