TopModel Boulvevard 6

I really wanted this to happen. I mean, it could. Me, Candy and Fergie could go together and meet all the TopModels there! What was happening? You guessed it. TopModel official ceremony. The TopModel ceremony came up every year, and every TopModel comes to snack, chat, party and… be crowned Best TopModel ever. Us girls were already planning what to wear, what to be bring, and our speech, if we win the BTM award! I really wanted this to happen.

One thought on “TopModel Boulvevard 6

  1. 15tajay

    I like the suspense you start with and the way you said what you were talking about without really saying it. I also like the way you you used lots of questions to mark your point. In this chapter your very happy yet confused. The only thing you could improve is making your things flow a bit better by carrying on the chapter till you finish the characters objective.


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