Frustration. That’s what I felt all my life. Frustration . I hate that word. Let me tell you how it started: “DAD NO!!!” I screamed as a crazy driver hit dad at 60 km an hour. It was all blurry to me, the car hitting dad, the ambulance coming and mum crying. I couldn’t believe it when the doctor came to tell us: “I’m sorry,” he sighed, “we couldn’t save him!”

Luckily we got over the pain quickly because we knew they couldn’t save him. Of course we felt that our lives were shattered. Life without dad wasn’t life. He was an amazing father and husband. I thought that that my life couldn’t get any worse. Boy was I wrong. The next day on the way to school I saw the house of old McAfee. The house always gave me shivers. I was petrified when an old creaky voice started to say “Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy  come inside the house. Joeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Weirdly I started to walk towards it. It was almost like I didn’t have control over my body. Inside the house the same old voice said: “Joey you will go to sleep and wake up in 5 minutes at the top floor of the house. Your challenge is to get out of the house ALIVE. If you succeed, I will bring your dad back to life, but if you don’t, you will DIE” That’s when I blacked out.

After I woke up I started to walk straight away. I wanted to get out of here alive. Petrified I even started to run in dark, gloomy corridors. This house was creepier than I thought. The word ALIVE was still bobbling up and down my head so much, it hurt. When I got to the stairs, I gave a little cheer. But I should have known that it wouldn’t be that easy. A huge ghost blocked my path!

I hid behind the wall and looked at my enemy. He might seem scary but he sure is careless. As soon as he turned around, I just sneaked past him and managed to get outside. Freedom. As I was walking home a hand grabbed my hand. “Hi dad,” I retorted.

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