Kingdom Come, Chapter 5, The Outsider

Just a few minutes earlier, I had come up here into my new bedroom to have a rest – which soon turned into a deep sleep and now I am awake again. “Uuuggghhhhh,” I groaned as I sat up on my bed. Wobbling through the doorway, I almost fell into a white abyss – this isn’t real, is it? Soon, I came to a stone stairwell, like the ones on the street. I clambered up the narrow, crooked stairs to find a figure clothed in black smoke. “I am The Outsider,” the human thing boomed “I shall give you this gift” and he opened his hand. I took a quick glance at his hand. Nothing. There was nothing in this hand. A burning sensation flew around on the back of my left hand. I looked at it. A weird type of tattoo formed on my hand.” This shall give you the power to teleport from one place to another. Beware, you can only travel short distances when you use this and you can also use it to climb ledges that are too far to reach. I have now prepared a test to see if you are worthy of this power. At the end of this, you shall receive a rune that bears my mark and with these you can upgrade and learn new powers. I shall see you soon in death or at the end of this test. Now go!

Running, I found an island suspended by The Outsider’s power. I clench my marked fist and focused on the island. I heard a ‘WOOSH’ and a strong breeze blew through my hair. I did it! I made it onto the island. Every island I got onto I found elixirs and good stuff like that. Finally, I reached the end, thick black smoke floated around an item made of bone that glowed purple. I took it. I felt a surge of power whizz through me. I checked my hand – the mark was still there. Oh no, this is real…

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