“Get into your places.We are about to begin!”

My heart was pounding as Miss Hopkinson Gave out the test papers. “Get into your places. We are about to begin!” she demanded as she pointed at one of the chairs. “Begin your test!” she once again shouted. I stared at the paper- shivers crawled all over me. That time all I could think about was will working so hard night after night pay me off. One hour later. “Please stop children” said Miss Hopkinson, “The test is over.” As Miss collected the papers she said that everyone can go home. I reached home and I wet the bed to just think about if I done a great job or, did I get less than 30 and that will mean I will be excluded for one week. Then I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke and made breakfast for myself and I brushed my teeth. Then I headed school and I totally forgot about the test. But I said to myself that to get it right and to not get excluded I have to see for myself. I was really scared to see my results if there were more that 30. Everyone in the class were standing in a line to see their results. I saw some children crying and some children there were punching the air. But when it came to my turn this is what Miss said “I think we need a serious talk.” You will never believe what happened next.

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