The Books chapter one

Lately I got a very old book from my  gran. I never it opened because it looked so peculiar. Unfortunately, I kept on getting a urge to open it. Then I did. Nothing happened at the time. So I closed  it and never read a word. However since that day I had very bad luck. Nothing good ever happened to me. Nothing. So this is how my ‘worst rest of my life’ started.

I was casually sitting in my room watching television. Suddenly I heard the door bell ring. I knew we were not expecting guests. Besides, my room was a mess and I couldn’t let anyone in. My mum called me to open the door so even though I didn’t want to , I had to. Once the door was open a I heard a familiar voice. ” Hello darling.” she said.  Now who would have said those words other than my good, old granny?

“ Now, I wont come in but I will give you this. It is a book that had been passed on for many generations.” she said.

” Then why doesn’t mum have it?” I asked looking at the mysterious book.

“She didn’t want it.” she answered and walked away.

Once I got into my already messy room, I threw it in the corner. That was its place and I never moved it. Until that day.

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