Christmas Compertition

This story will be a scary story for the people in the story.

One day, all the teachers went to have lunch at Costa coffee. Then when they got back to the school, there was snow blocking the way, so the children had to be all by them self.The children was having a party in the ICT sweet, until. BANG! BANG! “What was that,” asked a child, Oscar, and he looked out side, “Oh my, its a army of snow-men.”                                                                      ” Okay I think we better run know,” said Stacy. So, all the children ran upstairs from the indisruptable snow-men killing machine. Oscar had to throw snowballs to get through, so he did in the end, and got a shovel, and moved the snow. Then the teachers said, “Thanks,” and went inside to have a snowball fight the snow-men army, and everyone joined in, and in the end St Paul’s RC primary school won the battle against the snow-men army.


One thought on “Christmas Compertition

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Robbie,
    There was quiet a lot of speaking through your story which I enjoyed. Although I was wondering why the teachers left the children alone? I was not really getting the plot of the story or the theme but I’m glad to hear there is a happy ending to your story.


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