A Christmas Story

24th December 2014

The snow is white , The tree is very bright, But my dad is outside getting frostbite. Our noses are red, and grandad has a sore head, But my mum is still slepping in bed. I’m feeling green, not when my brother is being mean, by the way his name is Dean ( the meanmachine ). Grandma is wearing illuminous yellow, Everyone is feeling mellow “But not dad.” For going outside he is a good fellow.

25th December 2014

As soon as I opened my eyes I sprung out of bed and charged into my parents room and jumped on their bed to awaken them from their slumber. “It’s Christmas !”  I yelled my parents     looked at each other and smiled. Then brought me downstairs. Thinking me and my parents were the only ones downstairs my big brother Dean had opened all his presents already.

As I stood there in amazement Dean tried making himself look innocent.  After a brife  telling off, Dean was sent to his room and finally I got to open my presents. In the end I got a skateboard, a brand new football and hundreds of video games. It was heaven.

For the rest of the day I played video games ! For dinner I had a suculent roast chicken. In five minutes the food was gone. Lastly I went to bed. I thought to myself what a day.

One thought on “A Christmas Story

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Ryan.o,
    I just started to read your poem and WOW!- I love the poem part at the begging. I also love the variety of vobaulary in your first paragraph. Just a few spelling mistakes you made but overall a fantastic effort.


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