Bored, spiritless, unsatisfied, Anne and Jade sat on their enormous sofa. Just because they are wealthy did not mean they had a lot to do. After hours of doing nothing they decided to go outside. Suddenly standing in front of them was a huge, mansion. The strange thing was that  it wasn’t there before. But of course that had to go in since it was the only thing to do.  The door creaked wide open. They walked and as they turned the corner they realised someone in a chair. The lady stood up and walked slowly to them. What will she do?

One thought on “Ghost

  1. 15jauvane

    Hello Kinga,
    A very nice story. At the start your sentence flowed well – bored,spiritless,unsatisfied. Maybe you could have created it as a 3 ed sentence and put in downhearted or dulled. But overall very good


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