The Swamp horse


Everything was fine and I was on my way, until there it was the merciless Green Swamp Horse, wolfing the sewage water from the pipe down its boneless throat. Carefully, I got to my feet not knowing what the horse could or would do to me. Before the Swamp Horse could run after me I swam across the murky water to the bank on the other side. As quick as a flash, I was across the river but the Swamp Horse was quick on my heels. I tried to out run the horse but it is almost impossible. Then I saw a hole, I hid. Until.

One thought on “The Swamp horse

  1. jruddy

    Hi Kian,
    Well done. I loved the description of the sewer with its boneless throat. A creative piece. Keep up the great work.
    MR Ruddy


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