Sherlock Homes Chapter 2


The museum was deadly silent, just like everything was at the witching hour when he striked. Out of nowhere the guard heard footsteps behind him so he spun around and there he was. Immediately the guard was struck down with one painful punch. The thief looked around and found what he was looking for. Satisfied, he took it and left silently, just like he entered.

Max started to howl with pain as Sherlock played the most ridiculous, painful music that even seemed offending to the world of music. “Well at least try no to tell me how bad my music is,” argued Sherlock.”How can I be your music teacher if the music you play hurts my ears!” Sherlock was so shocked that he went outside to cool down. His heart has been pierced by Max. Well, maybe Max was right. Maybe Sherlock just was rubbish at playing. Anyway, the thing Sherlock was good at is solving cases and he just heard about the theft of the missing alien skull. The alien skull is the most precious thing on earth. It was said that the alien skull was found by astronauts on mars and is the skull of an alien. Sherlock would go there at night and get the robber. There was Sherlock at night, in the darkness of the museum. But he was right the robber came. “I knew you’ll be here boy.” Without more words they started fighting, each had the equal amount of skill. But then something amazing happened. The skull fell out of his bag and tripped him over. It was over for the robber.

One thought on “Sherlock Homes Chapter 2

  1. jruddy

    Hi Kacper,
    It’s really funny to imagine this great detective being so awful at playing music. Very funny.
    Another good entry.
    But a little mixed up in places Kacper. You must check before sending to me. A bit more action about the actual mystery would have been good. I look forward to the next one.
    MR Ruddy.


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