Today was the day. Christy was coming to start her life in TopModel City. She was really nervous, but she had a feeling that she would fit in as fast as a spider walks. Christy tugged onto her luggage as it strolled on the rusty cement. She lifted up her head and was surprised to notice that much beauty.

“Are you new here?” spoke Talita who was born with confidence. I came here a year a go and I totally loved it. My best friends are Nyela and Louise. I guess you’re looking for the TopModel Suite Hotel. I’ll show you around! Christy felt fab. Already she had made a bestie!

2 thoughts on “TopModelBoulvevard

  1. jruddy

    Hi Erica,
    This sounds like it’s going to be a great story Erica. A really good opening. Try to give us a bit more each time though. This is very short. Make your next entry longer please.
    Do you read stories like this Erica? What has inspired you to write about modelling? I am looking forward to the next entry. Keep up the great work.
    Mr Ruddy

  2. 15erica Post author

    Hi, Mr Ruddy,
    I write about modelling because when I grow up, I would like to be a successful fashion designer and hire models to present my designs on the catwalk. Also, modelling is a part of fashion, and anything about fashion interests me!


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