Kingdom Come, Chapter 4, The Bull Pitt’s Pub

I could see the sun glistening outside the exit, I was so close; I could just make a run for it. No. I was slapped back to reality when I heard the squeaking of the rats below they smelt my blood, and I knew it. Then, it struck me. I could use the rat I had found on that bin-grill. Pulling the rat out of my coat pocket, I witnessed one of the the worst things ever. How they dispose of bodies. A conveyor belt disposes of bodies into a little box in the middle of the opening and all the rats rushed forward to eat it. I recognised the face. It was the security guard that was in the control room. I could see his sticky blood splattered across his face and I saw a rat licking a shining, crimson blotch on his forehead. Now was my chance. I slipped between the bars and ran. Some rats followed; but I ignored them. There were some stray rats that didn’t know what to do. So, I scooped them up and scrambled out of the hole. Despite all the nibbling, I managed to only drop three. My suspicions were right, there was a guard guarding  the sewers. I chucked the rats at him and bolted. Chuckling to myself, I remembered who would always stay loyal to me. Charlie. That ragged boatman is probably waiting for me, so I quickened my pace. As soon as I reached the docks, all I had to do was turn my head to the right and I had found him.”Charlie, my good man. You’re here!”                                                                                                                       “Yes! I wouldn’t miss you for the world! Now hop in.”

The boat BUZZED around in the water until a small dock came into sight. There was a big tower to the left of the docks. The building infront was labeled The Bull Pitt’s Pub – back entrance. Then to the right there was a factory like building. I rushed out of the boat and crashed into the pub and demanded a beer.”Corvo!..” A thick, jolly voice boomed. It was Admiral Kenneth. He must have sent the note because the dungeons were his domain of the island. I smiled and sighed. I had missed this guy…

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