Kingdom Come, Chapter 3, The Sewer

Tugging open the door; a raging mottled skinned creature hurled me backwards, into the corridor. Immediately my plans were ruined and re-inforcements were coming. More zombie-like creatures came hurtling towards me; so did the guards. When they collided I could sneak away to the sewers and they would have a fully fledged fight on their hands and surely wouldn’t be able to follow me.

As a guard aligned his sword to meet my chest, I ducked and the sword ran through one of the un-dead’s heads. Now was my chance! I ran for the sewer door, swerving past members of the two armies; my attackers. Reaching the door I barged it open, revealing the murky, grimy water. I was overwhelmed by the stench of the sewers, feeling wheezy I started to droop; swaying from side to side I could feel myself edging ever closer to the sewage water. Suddenly, I was slapped back to reality; literally. One of the mottled skinned freaks had slapped me. Then I heard a faint battle cry and turned to see another guard charging at me; then I had an idea. When the guard was only a few paces away I grabbed the creature and thrust it infront of me. So, when the guard swung his sword it split the creature in two. It’s blood spurted over us both and the unfortunate guard got a mouthful of it and dropped dead on the spot; okay, well that is a good thing to remember: when I am fighting those monsters, keep my mouth closed.

I continued along the ragged walkway following the misty water. Soon, I came to a dustbin that was set alight with a grill over it and a perfectly cooked rat lay on the grill. I took it to save it for later if worst came to worst. I continued on to find a box of supplies; I grabbed some spare amunition and headed on. There were crates in the way of the gates, so I couldn’t pass to get through. Through the corner of my eye I saw a bend in the bars above the gateway. There was no way I could reach it by climbing – I’d just keep sliding down the poles that were incorporated into the gate. The boxes could form some steps, but there was still a way to go before the bars. I know! I can use the wall to propell myself to the bend in the bars. I darted up the boxes and sprung off the wall and caught a bent bar. With what seemed like all of my strength I managed to hoist myself up onto a wooden platform above the tunnel where I could see everything. Suddenly, I heard two voices I lay down on the platform, out of sight. I took a slight peek over the platform and saw two pheasants and an army of rats behind them. They were taking a rest for way to long. Before they knew it they were a pile of bones. I looked up above the rats and saw it! The way out!

One thought on “Kingdom Come, Chapter 3, The Sewer

  1. jruddy

    Hi Adam,
    Another action packed chapter. This book is gripping. So now it looks like he is going to make it out of the sewers thank goodness. I am looking forward to what adventures he will have outside. Will he find his daughter? Or someone who will help him to find her? So many questions. Roll on chapter 5.
    Just make sure you double check your punctuation before submitting next time Adam. Some of your sentences are very long and colons or semi-colons don’t quite fit. You are splicing occasionally.
    Keep up the great work. I am really enjoying your work and can’t wait for the next chapter. When will it be?
    Mr Ruddy


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