Week 23

It was a dark gloomy night. As I was walking on the pavement beside the forest, I heared a laugh. It wasn’t just any normal laugh, it was a laugh from a witch. I was a lightning as I ran as fast as I could. I had a little rest on a bench that looked like a couch and a cat on top of it. I felt something crawling on my neck. When I looked back, I saw a hand. That’s when I should have ran for my life because that’s when the witch cought me. Suddenly, the cat …

One thought on “Week 23

  1. Mrs. Harsh (Team 100WC)

    Oh, I want to know what happened next! Good job creating a creepy and frightening scene. It might add more to the story to describe a few things, such as what made the laugh a witch’s laugh. Keep on writing!
    -Mrs. Harsh (Team 100WC)


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