The sofa in the forest

It was morning, and time for a relaxing day for slender, When he got downstairs… the sofa was gone. When Slender’s angry; when you steal his sofa; when you don’t show yourself, then you should feel sorry. Slender went out looking for the person, but all he saw was his sofa like, the sofa in the forest. He let the person off, and brought his sofa home to relax on. Slender was relaxed: no-one annoying him; no-one stealing anything; not killing anyone. But, because he was killing no-one, but, he was unhappy, killing is his life. But the next day he got his hands on the person and killed him.

2 thoughts on “The sofa in the forest

  1. Cliona Brennock Team 100

    Wow! Slender is an angry guy isn’t he! Well done on your entry this week. You character has an interesting name and a scary hobby of killing people. I find this story very scary. You have described his mood change from relaxed to unhappy very well. He sounds very unpredictable and I wouldn’t touch his sofa.
    Keep up the good work.


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