100 WC #Week 23

There it was. The wasted sofa ditched in the middle of nowhere. As I turned around, I jumped in fear. Crazily, I had weird thoughts that the sofa could. Thinking it could not fly, I foolishly sat down on venerable sofa. Suddenly, the sofa came turned into  lucid rich roller coaster. Amazed, shocked, surprised, I began to vomit. I don’t  on roller coasters.  Suddenly, I was dumped into a grave yard. Bodies were strewn and scattered everywhere. I should have trust my thoughts. Before I could  think, I ran back to sofa and went back home. I was saved finally.

One thought on “100 WC #Week 23

  1. Heather (TEam100WC)

    I like you first sentence, Jayden. It is short and really grabs attention.
    You have used some great descriptive words like ‘wasted’ and ‘strewn’.
    It is quite scary how the sofa turns into a roller coater and takes the writer to a horrible place.
    I think this could turn into a longer story about how the sofa was able to return you safely home.
    Keep writing for 100WC. Well done!


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