New World


I woke up on a spring field full with poppies, sunflowers and roses. ” What a beautiful world!” I exclaimed whilst taking a deep breath. As I strolled along the field, I could see a little oak hut far away in the distance. ” I wonder what I could find? ” I questioned my self with curiosity. Then I began to go towards it…

As I entered the crooked hut, I saw brewed potions and chests fool of deadly tools. But as I buried my hands into the enhanced chest deeper and deeper, a black figure towered over me like a blanket trying to suffocate me. It was… It was… The witch, who had an extremely long nose. Shaking uncontrollably I used the enchanted wooden sword, which I stole from a chest, to slice her. Then I tried to compose myself. After that, I took all her stuff and put it in my leather backpack.

The following morning, I began my journey to find a home. But before I knew it, I ended up in a little village. I asked a villager,” Can I stay for the night?”. Then he replied,” Yes, you may!” When he showed the room, I immediately threw myself onto the luxurious, comfortable bed. Scaring the life out of me, a loud bang came from behind the door. Peeking curiously, I opened the door and saw…

One thought on “New World

  1. 15robbie

    What’s app Lyudi,

    I really enjoyed the chapter 1 of New World, when you were talking about the fields I imagined me running playing football with everyone.
    You have a good sensitive mind Lyudi, you are really sensible.

    From your Bud Robbie.


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